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About ME/Contact

I am Karen Jardeleza,
from the country that has 7,107 Islands,
A BS Accountancy graduate,
A businesswoman, an entrepreneur,
a Korean and Japanese drama enthusiast,
a traveller, gadget and photography enthusiast
and now a blogger.

This is my Personal Journal.
Being Simply Me.
SIMPLY ME is all about me and my stuff......
 about my travel, my adventure, my escapades
about Food, Gadgets, Korean and Japanese Drama, Photography
about LIFE,  Like's and Interest,  anything and everything....
"Read and discover things with Simply ME"

Sharing my joyful journey and passion
through my writings and photos.

Thank you for visiting my Blog Site.

All topics and articles that I posted on my blog are my personal wants and choice.
 My personal point of view, experiences and personal observation.

My blog has several pages and categories/labels to view from.
  • Travel Destination - summary list of my travel in the Philippines and other countries. My escapades and my adventure.
  • SIMPLY Photography - posted some of my personal favorite shots and my PHOTO BLOG site
  • Drama Series - list of Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese Dramas
  • Guest Blogger - Anyone is welcome... Be my guest!
  • Categories - labels about my blog topic
You may also choose from the list of category for more choices on my blog post, for more topic such as Restaurant, Hotel, Buffet, Food and others.

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For comments, suggestions or questions feel free to contact me, I am glad and honored to  serve / help you in my little way I can.

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Here's Mine: SIMPLY ME / Karen Jardeleza

I love watching Korean Drama. Japanese Drama. Some Taiwanese Drama. I watch my favorite drama online, sometimes I download it and put it in my ipad. That depends on my willingness. I love to travel and explore the world. If I only have the money to tour around the world, I will. I love eating, everybody does. I gain weight easily, that's a huge problem. I splurge on luxurious hotel buffet, if I have spare money, sometimes got it free from my credit card provider. I don't eat squid balls, I hate it. I love gadgets. Apple devices and others. Love to shop from head to foot. Love Lacoste and Burberry brand for shirt, lucky me its a given shirt. I splurge on branded bags, most of my bags was generously given, lucky me again. I love Tag Heuer watch, a given watch. I love Swatch watch, the only watch that I can afford to buy for myself. I love perfumes.... Dolce Gabana Light Blue is one. I'm a thirsty person, love to  drink a lot's of liquid. I can't hold my pee, I have to pee right away. I love white stuff but my favorite color is blue and that's being simply me. 

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