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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In Loving Memory of my Father

In Loving Memory of Ernesto Jiz Jardeleza

 December 16, 1932 - + August 16, 2012

September 25, 2012 - As today marks the 40th day of my father's death, let me share to all my valuable readers my Eulogy/Funeral Speech during the burial day of my father last August 27, 2012. A message of reflection, remembrances, praises, testimonial and thanksgiving.
As I stand in front of all the people who have gathered at Jaro Cathedral Church after the funeral mass of my father to deliver my Eulogy/Speech. I was very much overwhelm to see a lot of people attended. Not just inside the Cathedral itself even at our house before going to Jaro Cathedral Church. There were  lot of people inside and outside of our house waiting and lot of people also joined us walking through a procession from our house going to Jaro Cathedral Church and as we arrived at Jaro Cathedral there were lot of people who are already waiting there too.
I just couldn't  understand what i'm feeling at that moment, I felt happy in tears in a way to see a lot of people, seeing how my father is being loved and known by so many people.
Procession from our house to Jaro Cathedral Church
Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral
From Left: Msgr. Claudio Sale, Fr. Lester Villa, Main Celebrant - Fr. Ever , Fr. Mau Silva, Fr. Alex Cerania, Fr. Peter Guarin

Eulogy / Funeral Speech

Papa was known to be called as Agot, Erning or Tay Nesto by his friends, cousins, nieces, nephews and all people he knows. He is a hardworking father, a farmer and a butcher. He is also a good provider, strict-disciplinarian, active churchgoer and a generous papa to our family as well as to all people who needs his help.

In spite of being strict in the family, I felt so scared and nervous of him, but as I grow older I understand and realized the valuable lessons and important teachings in life to help me become stronger, independent and mature in life.

Papa had a stroke last November 2003. He had left sided paralysis, difficulty in walking and discomfort in sleeping. He could stand and walk with the help of his “baston” and wheelchair. Due to his illness he has to undergo continuous rehab therapy three times a week and daily exercises at home.

My sister Timy who used to take care my dad when he got stroke. She’s the one who take his daily blood pressure monitor, giving tons of medications and follow-up his doctor’s visitation. Until after 4 months her employment to U.S. was approved. Timy informed and updated my papa that she needs to leave Iloilo as soon as possible to work in the U.S. at first he was so hesitant to let her go because of his condition. No excitement, blank faces, teary eyes and sadness you can really see in his face. But finally, he decided to let Timy pursue her career in America. I rest assured that if Papa is not sick he would be the happiest person and proud to hear that his daughter is going to reach her American dream.

In absence of my sister Timy, I took over her responsibility and I was trained by her on how to take care of my Dad before she left. I felt so bad and sad when she’s gone. Every 6pm I usually stayed at his room during dinner time (my usual daily routine), giving his medication, taking blood pressure, talked and stayed with him until he goes to sleep.

Last March of this year (2012) papa was diagnosed of Cirrhosis of the liver. His tummy and legs are big, he had some mouthy odor and he even experienced mentally disoriented.

With the help of the doctors, with the medication and lot’s of prayers from his family and from other people, papa regain his mental ability after a couple of weeks, it was truly a miraculous thing.

Because of his Cirrhosis papa couldn’t walk anymore with his "baston" even with the help of his caregivers and he even could not stand. His caregivers have to carry him out from bed to his chair and also to his car. Despite of his inability to walk he still don’t forget to go to church with his wheelchair every Sunday and every Friday, his devotion to our mother of perpetual help every Wednesday and his love and spiritual devotion at Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados at Desamparados Chapel. Papa is well dressed and a well groomed man even during his ordinary days. Nobody can tell that he is too sick because of this good physical outlook.

Papa gain additional sleeping discomfort, he couldn’t sleep at night, he couldn’t move, he felt totally discomfort. Papa was always keep complaining this things. He would call his caregivers and let me and my sister laly woke us up in the middle of the night complaining about his inflammation of the his joint, uneasiness and hardship but we always tell him to ignore all his pain and pray.

Papa was on and off from the hospital since then, he was taking his albumin and Lasix as his usual medication from the hospital.

He was lastly hospitalized last August 15 of this year (2012). He was complaining about his left hand stroke and we have notice that his tummy is getting bigger again. He called us and laly gave him his first aid and told him that we will bring him to the hospital. My brother bboy brought him at St. Pauls Hospital, upon arriving at the emergency room he was totally in pain. He could not even point out which part of his body is in pain, he felt pain everywhere and he keep mentioning all the saints as far as he could remember.

After a series of test, around 11pm of August 15 the doctor decided to do a major surgery for papa’s gall bladder. We took the risk of agreeing to operate him to lessen his pain due to gallstones as well as to reduce infections. The doctor says that if he will not be operated the infection will spread and it will be more dangerous for him for his eyes were already colored yellow and papa will suffer more pain. So an emergency operation was done. The surgery ended up around 3 in the morning of August 16. It was a successful operation and the doctor assured us that he will be alright though his urine output was too little. We didn’t mind it because we knew that papa will be okay for he is a real fighter and believing it will be sustained by medications. Even my sister Laly and I planned to take the presidential suite of SPICE at saint paul hospital after papa recovered from surgical ICU and planning to get special nurse for him.

But sadly to know his blood pressure didn’t get to reach the normal level that’s why his nephrologist can’t give medications for his kidney to increase his urine output. But still we’re hoping he will recover but his doctor told us that his prognosis is very bad. Until 9pm the doctor called my sister Laly from our room in the hospital telling that anytime papa will be having an arrest. It’s a good thing my cousin Manang Jocelyn Te and our friend Rosa May was there to assist Laly and called us all that we have to rushed in to the hospital. We agreed to give papa a CPR hoping to add more days until Manang Joan and Timy arrive to the Philippines. But the time of my father has come and God took him from us. He died with sepsis and multiple organ failure.

Losing a father as the head of the Family is one of the difficult things but im surely know time can help us accept the fact. Let’s just all remember everything that my father shared to us and let's be happy that he has finally home with the lord. Thank you very much papa for everything and we will truly miss you.


In behalf of my family I would like to thank each and everyone who have condolence us through text and facebook, to all my friends, high school and college classmates, family friends, cousins, relatives and to everyone who have visited during the wake for your condolences, prayers and support and also all the people who have gathered during the burial, thank you very much from the bottom of our heart, i'm very much sure that papa is very happy to see all of you...

To all our cousins, relatives and friends in California, Chicago, Florida, New York, London, Dubia and other part, thank you for your unending prayers and donations. In absence of your presence, Papa for sure understand it and he is truly happy for your spiritual and kind support. Let's just always keep remembering all the good memories that my father had shared.

To everyone who have shared their donation (it may be in monetary, flowers or food) thank you very much it really means a lot to us. To  everyone who have help us and support us spiritually, emotionally and physically. A million thanks to all of you.
Iloilo Memorial Park

Messages / Tributes

We love your father as you love him. His personality has a deep impact on us. Although words seems futile now in the midst of your sorrow, words cannot express what is in our heart. We will always pray for him, that's all we have to give him.
-Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Doletina
Florida, USA
from facebook message

' ' THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH AND MY SHIELD, IN HIM MY HEART TRUSTS, AND I FIND HELP. . . ' ' Psalm 28:7 We were so sorry and devastated for the sad news of Tay Nesto's passing away. May the Spirit of the Lord guide all of you, especially Auntie Blossom on this time of your deep sorrows and our heartfelt condolences to each and everyone of you in your family and to all the Jardeleza family. May Tay Nesto rest in peace through the mercy of God and eternal rest grant unto him Oh Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen.

-Mr. & Mrs. Dannie Cruz
Chicago, USA
from facebook message

The whole family is saddened on Tay Nesto's passing. He will surely be missed. May he rest in peace.
-Monette Jardeleza Enriquez - Rivas
California, USA
from facebook 

Our condolences to you and your family, I was so very sad to hear about maninoy erning he was such a respectful and a wonderful man.
-Biboy Panes Bulilan
from facebook

Our Deepest Sympathy to the whole family. May the Lord give you all strength and courage during this difficult time. Praying, that His light will comfort all of you.
-Juvy Montaño Atienza
New York, USA
from facebook message

Our deepest sympathies. I am so glad that I got to see Lolo Nesto last January. Always smiling, always asking if my dad is playing golf. We will miss him but remember the good moments we spent with him. Love you all.
-Kat Alipio
California, USA
from facebook message

Papa Erning, you are always in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. May God rest your soul in peace. You were and still such a blessing in our life and I am eternally great full for the time we had together. You always be remembered. We love you and we are going to miss you. 
-Jovi Montaño
New York, USA
from facebook message
Two important words Tatay Nesto left for us, "Lord"(Dios) and "Family"(Pamilya). "Dios", He always remind us to pray. His faith with the Lord is always there since the beginning until his last stage, he keep supporting the Desamparados Chapel. Secondly "Family", his support and love to his family/children.
- Francis H. Jardeleza
Taken from his message during the burial, Spoken in Ilonggo, 
Translated in English for the understanding of all  reader
Tay Nesto the youngest and the last of Lolo Miti and Lola Esca's son was the person with qualities which worth-en to extreme. Qualities that endure him to those who fully new him and misunderstood by some. But for me, Tay Nesto Children our living proof that he did things right all along.

Tay Nesto has the qualities which most Jardeleza have, the drive for perfection, enthusiasm, perseverance, honesty, humility, generosity, love of God, love for good food and a booming voice (you'll think were angry but that natural to us) as only few from our clan our soft-spoken.

It is hard not to get infected with his enthusiasm and child like excitement that went with it whenever he had new ideas or project to pursue. He is a men of action, and his solemness and pursuit of perfection that's why often times Tay Nesto is misunderstood.

I consider Tay Nesto an ultimate Entrepreneur, think about kangkong makes money, boneless bangus, tapa and tosino, bottled guinamos, farming and fishpond operation, he was the best example of multi-tasking, he didn't attend any seminars for this just like we do today. He had plain common sense and wisdom. I really look up to Tay Nesto because he brought honor to the family name to share honesty and hard work. 

We will surely miss you Tay Nesto. We will do our best to continue what you have done to our chapel "Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados". Farewell dear Uncle. Rest peacefully in the bottom of the Blessed Virgin together with your parents and other siblings. Your legacy that you left is in good hands.
-Louise Jardeleza - Cordova
Taken some of her messages during the burial

The name "ERNESTO" speak of his person and heart. Earnest in his love and care for his family, Earnest in his service and generosity towards his neighbors, Earnest above all in his love and devotion to God and his blessed mother. Most stood this chapel of our Lady of Desamparados because of his earnestness, inspired neighbors, joint view to realization of his noble work.

Now in your journey to your final rest, we stand our pervert and earnest prayers for God couldn't be out done in his generosity. May your earnest soul reap your internal reward of everlasting peace and  joy. We love you tay Nesto.
-Sr. Cecilia Jardeleza and
Sisters of the Dominican Sister
messages during the burial

For more photos during the burial day click HERE
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Top 10 Workout Songs For September

The Top 10 Workout Songs For September

Fort Wayne, IN – September 2, 2012 – This month's top 10 draws heavily from the Top 40. Accordingly, it's heavy on pop tunes—albeit from a variety of genres. Gym favorites Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown have provided the club music. Train and Carrie Underwood brought the rock and country, respectively. Karmin and Ellie Goulding took the remix route. Finally, the month's two highest-ranking tracks came courtesy of a pair of newcomers--Outasight and Havana Brown.

Here's the full list, according to votes placed at Run Hundred--the web's most popular workout music blog.

To find more workout songs, folks can check out the free database at Visitors can browse the song selections there by genre, tempo, and era—to find the music that best fits with their particular workout routine. 

Chris Lawhorn
Run Hundred
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