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Monday, July 30, 2012

Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street

 American Bistro 

Bourbon Street is known to be a bistro style american restaurant which specializes in American Cuisine such as the famouse Bourbon BBQ Ribs, Southern Fried Chicken, Steak and more.
Had dinner on a weekday after visiting my cousin in the hospital and took us on The Avenue Side and ended to dine at Bourbon Street.
Here's what we had :)
Complimentary chips while waiting for our order
Iced Tea - As always :)
Bourbon House Special "Bourbon BBQ  Ribs"
Grilled tender pork ribs with bourbon barbeque sauce served with Garlic Fried Rice
Half-Rack Php295
Garlic Rice
"Baked Royal Salmon" very tastie and I loved it
Parmesan crusted fillet of salmon served with Hollandaise Sauce

A Celebration of the Best of American Food and Beverages at The Avenue
 Other restaurant at The Avenue
Mojave Grill and Steak House, Amalfi Cucina Italiana, Bourbon, Terra Mediterranean Cuisine

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Bourbon Street 
Diversion Road, Mandurriao Iloilo City
33 - 3203028

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

SIAM by: Krua Thai

Siam by Krua Thai

Authentic Thai Cuisine

Now adays, Thai Food has become one of the world's favorite cuisine and Thai Restaurants are everywhere in the Philippines.
Experience an authentic Thai settings and freshly dishes  with creative combination of spices and sauces at Siam.
Glimpse on their bevergaes menu
Enjoyed some of this authentic Thai Dishes we had.
A complimentary Peanuts
Tom Yum Prawn Soup (spicy) loved the spicy way
Thai Spring Roll
Binagoongan Rice with green mango and pork
Saute String Beans Pork
Fried Fish in Taro Nest
You can eat the nest, very crunchy!
Very unique dish presentation " Steamed Seafood Curry in Coconut Shell"
Variety of Fruit Shake and Iced Tea
Part of this lunch is a pre-birthday celebration of "Nong Pau"  and got this yummy dessert for free for the celebrant while they sung a birthday song to the celebrant. The dessert: "Suman"(sticky rice) top with chocolate and sliced mango on the side.
Siam by Krua Thai is one of the many perfect destination for an intimate gathering with family and friends for lunch or dinner.

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SIAM By: Kua Thai
No. 88 JMB Bldg.
B. Aquino Avenue Mandurriao, Iloilo City
(033) 321-3784 to 85


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Friday, July 27, 2012

Featured Guest Post: Boracay as the World's Best Island

Boracay as the World's Best Island

by: Ann Joy Perez

Last year, Boracay Island in the Philippines ranked fourth as the “World’s Best Island.” This year, Boracay has landed on the number one spot for the same category. The result was based on an online survey conducted by Travel+Leisure, an international magazine. In Boracay, tourists and visitors can do a lot more exciting activities than enjoying the amazing view, cool waters and fine sand in the beach. In this article, we will talk about the top five activities in the world’s best island.

1. Parasailing

If you’re one who’s afraid of heights, forget about that for a moment and face your fear! Parasailing in Boracay can be counted as one of the best ultimate joyride in life and it’s worth the price (about PHp 1500). You’ll get to experience your face going against the wind with the speedboat hauling you above sea level. Open your eyes wide to see a bird’s eye view of everything below when you’re about 30 minutes up in the air attached to a special parachute with extended wings. People say it’s safer than in Phuket, Thailand.

2. Riding the Banana Boat

The banana boat is one of the most famous boats in Boracay. It’s an inflated giant banana that takes riders to feel the shrill of an adrenaline rush in the middle of the sea. With the capacity to carry five to nine passengers clad with life vests, the banana-shaped water vessel starts slow and gathers speed almost to toss riders off balance. Prepare only PHp 150-250 per person for a good 15 minutes of extreme screaming and laughs. The more people in the group, the cheaper the individual charge gets and the more, the merrier!

3. Island-hopping

As said, there’s more to Boracay than the beach itself. While in there, get the opportunity to visit the smallislets such as Crocodile Island and Crystal Cove and surrounding beaches likePuka Shell Beach and Panoly Beach. You’ll get to those places by renting a private boat, and often boatmen charge tourists PHp 2000 to 2500 for small boats accommodating up to eight people for three hours. For larger groups with up to 12 riders, expect to pay a max amount of PHp 4000 and for even larger ones that can carry about 25 people, an additional of PHp 2000 is requested. In those islands, there are different animals and unique elements to be found. You can also go shopping for souvenirs, buy fresh seafoods and have them cooked later. In the beaches, you can go snorkeling, scuba diving, fish-feeding, and swimming.

4. Sunset-watching

Sunsets in Boracay are really the best in the world. While waiting for the sunset, you can kill time by sun-bathing, picture-taking, waking along the beach, and swapping stories with your friends. This activity is by far the cheapest as it costs nothing monetary-wise. In return, you get to witness a dramatic change of the sky’s colors and the horizon—a natural masterpiece you should not miss.

5. ATV Riding

The ATV is a motorbike that you can rent for PHp500 to 600 an hour. This, however, requires you to have a driver’s license. There are five stops that you can go to.The most famous of them are the aviary where you visit the Philippine birds including the bats with an entrance fee ofPHp 70. Another is the ocean tower when you can have a 360-degree view of the whole island, for only PHp 50.

Boracay surely is a place that we can call our own paradise here in the Philippines. It is a haven we can proudly boast to other countries. Thus we should take care of it and also keep the name up high in cloud 9 not only for the betterment of our country and economy, but also of dear Mother Nature.

Author Bio: Ann Joy Perez is an alumna from Arellano University Philippines, a former Marketing Assistant and a 25 years old, single. She is into almost all types of Music especially love songs. She also love playing basketball, video games, watching entertainment and films. Watching news TV and reading newspaper is one of her favorite hobby and she also loves to eat. Follow her interest on her Tumblr.

Thank you Ms. Ann Joy Perez for contributing this article for my blog site.


Your comments are always welcome and appreciated :)

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weekend Galore: Uncle Tom's and Puerto Real Club House

Uncle Tom's and Puerto Real Club House

Lunch and some fun activities

Started my day attending an 8am mass at Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral on a sunny Sunday morning. Together with my sister and brother in law we decided to have lunch at Uncle Tom's before heading to a gathering at Puerto Real Club House were my two nephew are already there, having fun with their cousins, tita's and grandparents.
Uncle Tom's restaurant specializes in fried chicken, ribs and steaks.

Here's what we had!
 Iced Tea Php40
 Combi Chicken and Ribs with rice, gravy and coleslaw php160.50

For Desserts!
 Pandan Jelly php35
Fruit Salad php40

Here's a glimpse of Sanson-Montinola beautiful ancestral house located in front of Uncle Tom's Restaurant in Jaro, Iloilo.
 One of Iloilo's Heritage!

Puerto Real Club House
After having a sumptuous lunch at Uncle Tom's we went straight to Puerto Real Club House. 
We spent an afternoon full of fun and bonding. I played a little of lawn tennis, which I haven't tried playing it for a very long time, feels so good to be energize with it. My two nephew really enjoyed swimming together with their cousins. They really had fun and we had a hard time getting them out of the pool. Usual kids thing!
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Uncle Tom's
E. Lopez St., Brgy. San Vicente
Jaro, Iloilo City Philippines
(33) 301-9988

Puerto Real Club House
Lapaz, Iloilo City Philippines
(33) 320-3350

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Milan: World of Fashion

Milan, Italy

World of Fashion in the Capital of Glamour and Style

Milan is truly a fashion capital of Italy. Milan's fashion district provides the best shopping opportunities in Europe. True shopaholics headed to Milan, Italy. For people with limited budget, it's fun to window shop like we did. Let's just discover and admire the architectural structure as Milan has the world's most beautiful cathedral know as the Duomo di Milano.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
The magnificent five story high Galleria Victtorio Emanuele II covered with a glass and iron roof. The Galleria became the favorite meeting place in the city. It's structure is very impressive for its dimension which formed like a cross. Two iron and glass covered the walkways meet an octagonal central piazza glass dome. The gallery is decorated with plenty of patriotic symbols, mosaics on the floor below the dome. The four mosaics just below the central dome represent four parts of the world: Europe, America, Africa and Asia.
The Galleria is the most popular attraction and very crowded with locals and tourist for shopping and snapping pictures of the spectacular architecture. Truly beautiful galleria which really struck me and I simply loved it that way it was made, very simple yet very striking and I can't still believe I'm stepping in the Fashion Capital of Italy. This is exactly what fashion is all about. Here you could find cafes, restaurant and upscale stores... Branded shop like  Prada, Versace, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and so much more... This is shopping!
The entrance from the Piazza del Duomo is framed by Monumental Triumphal Arch of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Souvenirs are everywhere outside the Galleria or along the Piazza del Duomo. They have wide selection of beautiful souvenirs to choose from, from magnets, keychains, plates, ashtray and so much more. Since we can't afford so much for the branded stuff, we took are time here for souvenir hunting of magnets. Prices starts at 4euro and above.
Milan Cathedral / Duomo di Milano
The Duomo di Milano is one of the world's largest churches and Milan's magnificent cathedral. The Duomo is located at the center of Milan. I was really mesmerize to this very beautiful cathedral with its white front facade, this would be my personal favorite cathedral in Italy. Comparing to other churches I've been and seen in Italy, Milan Cathedral is the grandest among other cathedral. The Duomo is decorated with an amazing number of beautiful sculpted statues and spires.
Pigeons are surrounded throughout the  Piazza del Duomo. There are people in the piazza that gave you bird seeds by hand to feed the pigeons and a closer encounter with the pigeons for picture purposes but in the later part, they will ask you 1euro for every bird seeds they hand on you. If they hand it on you five times, they will ask you to pay them 5euros for it. Be aware of that when visiting here, don't accept it if you don't intent to pay.  As we personally taught they are giving it for free or just sharing it for they didn't even say a word that they sell it in the first place. That's how they do business out of feeding those pigeons :) Anyways It's good to play around with the pigeons and took some snapshot! I personally enjoyed it :)
Visitors can take a fascinating trip to the Duomo's roof through steps or elevator in a small fee. We didn't take a trip up the Duomo's roof, we just explore more of the beautiful facade of the Duomo and enjoy the scenic that surrounds the piazza.
Since we still have time and while waiting for other people in our group we grab some yummy gelato while resting along the side of the  Duomo. Gelato in cone for me and gelato in cup for my sister :) Yummy gelato!
Some photos along the piazza
Madonnina (Little Madonna)
A bit far away from the cathedral/duomo, we  could see this Little Madonna. A copper statue of the Virgin Mary covered with 3900 pieces of gold leaf. A 14 ft statue was placed on the top of the cathedral's tallest spire and marked as the highest point in the city.

Fang Jong Restaurant
Our lunch at Fang Jong Restaurant which specialize in Chinese, Japanese and Italian Cuisine. The restaurant is located few minutes from the centre of Milan. We have lot's of yummy chinese dishes!

Milan is my top favorite city in Italy. I just simply love it here and I could not explain more how much I like Milan. I heart Milan!
Thank you for visiting and taking time to read my blog
Your comments are always welcome and appreciated :)
Next: Switzerland

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