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Monday, June 18, 2012

City of Water

 "City of Water"

The City on Water - Venice, Italy

The romantic city of water, as always being describe and known to Venice. Venice needs to be seen from the water as the canal is the ancient waterway in Venice. City's traffic up and down the canal are of  private boats, vaporetti (water buses), water taxis and the famous gondola.  

Venice Glass Factory
A visit at the glass factory, demonstrated by a skilled artisans as he manipulate the molten glass into a masterpieces of color and form, you can also see a wide selection of glass products of their craft for purchase as a souvenir, some products which are made of Murano glass are more expensive.
Look how this skilled man made this vase so easily and quickly.
The best way to view the magnificent building along the Grand Canal is to travel by Vaporetto (water taxis). Many tourist also took this romantic gondola for a memorable way and a delightful experience.

Vaporetti/Vaporetto is a water bus that takes both locals and visitors to the places throughout Venice. Traveling the canals is the easiest way and the most efficient way to get around the city.
 Gondola Ride
Gondola is a traditional flat bottomed Venetian rowing boat and carries up to six passengers. It is also one of the unique form of water transportation within Venice and has become a tourist attraction. A gondola ride is an absolute must to do in Venice!

A Gondolier is a profession, they have undergo training, apprenticeship and comprehensive exam to be a license gondolier.
Riding in a Gondola is optional and not included in our tour package, since everyone in the group like to experience the Gondola in the original city, all of us tried it. We paid 30euro for each person for this gondola cruise.

A 40 minutes Gondola cruise along the canals of Venice and wonderful baroque buildings along the way, this would be the best way to experience the magical city of Venice. I was thinking that while on the gondola I would be entertained with music and songs or a serenade by gondolier as we glide along the canal, but this didn't happen. I was a bit confused and observed other gondola's if their gondolier do serenade their passengers, but it seems none. We told are gondolier to sing for us and he said he doesn't sing, we also told him that we will pay him if he sing but still he wasn't that convinced. Too bad!
Mostly tourist take Gondola for sightseeing purposes and to experience the opportunity to rode one of the historic vessels in Venice. Some hire for a romantic journey.

I enjoyed the view while sailing through Venice's canals and enjoyed taking beautiful photos but as the journey  goes on I felt bored along way. Compared to my experience taking the Gondola in Venetian Macua, I may say I enjoyed more there even its just an indoor and a replica - inspired in Venice, Gondoliers automatically serenade passengers. Still its a wonderful experience taking Gondola in Venice!

Taverna dei DOGI
Now its time to feed our hungry tummy. Ristorante Taverna dei Dogi is a typical Venetian restaurant. The restaurant is enriched with art paintings with elegant environment and specializes lunch and dinner for group or traveling guest in group like us. A Filipino waiter work on this restaurant and he even served our food.
Eating the Italian way in a traditional multi-course: Bread, complimentary as always. For starters is green salad in olive oil, first course is seafood pasta in black sauce (its yummy!), second course is mixed fried shrimps and squids and lastly for the dessert its Tiramisu.
Burp! oh! excuse me for that! As our journey in Venice comes to an end, I really had a wonderful and memorable experience. Its a dream come true and a worth it visiting the magnificent mainland and the historic island of Venice.

We took a boat ride/vaporetti back to the mainland of Venice and continue our journey for our next destination in Italy, the fashion capital of Italy - Milan.

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purple clandestine said... Simply Me[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

nice scenic view of italy, just wanna the gondola ride kinda expensive??..and really the guy doing the glass thing is really serious,kidding aside...nice photos and i got a lot of ideas from your blog.thanks ms.karen.^_^

Karen Jardeleza said... Simply Me[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@purple clandestine

Thank you! I paid 30euro each for the gondola that more or less php1700.

The man looks like a bouncer though hehehe... Thank you very much for appreciating my blog site...

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