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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

When I'm in Rome #2

When I'm in Rome

Another Day in Rome

Another cold bright day to start in Rome, to explore and to discover more about the city. Started the day having healthy breakfast to be energized  for our long walking tour to some touristic and historical spot. Bringing along a jacket to help me keep warm in the morning and on the late afternoon on an early spring season, as on noon time Rome get's a bit hotter.

Savoia Restaurant
At Sheraton Golf parco de Medici Hotel and Resort where we stayed. A buffet breakfast with a variety of International food at Savoia Restaurant. Typical breakfast dishes such as egg, bread, sausage, bacon, fruits and more.

Piazza di Spagna/Spanish Square
Our first stop is at Piazza di Spagna or Spanish Square is one of the most popular meeting places/tourist spot, a well known landmark in Rome. It is also the most visual pleasing squares. As we walk through the street I have seen lot's of beautiful paintings being sold here specifically outside the french church.
On the top of this hill is the great overlooking view of Rome, it is connected to a French Church known as the Trinita die Monti and the long staircase known as the Spanish Steps.
This square is a combination of a monumental long staircase known as the Spanish Steps, an obelisk and a beautiful french church, Trinita die Monti which made this picturesque to the square. This Steps is very crowded, were most tourist as well as locals use it as a gathering place.
From the top of the hill were the French Church lies, we walk down passing the long staircase of Spanish Steps until we reach the fountain, for people who can't take the staircase easily there is an elevator for easy accessibility going down or vice versa.
On the foot of the Spanish Steps is the beautiful Fontana della Barcaccia, it is designed in a small boat.

Immaculate Conception
On the later part of the square is the column of the Immaculate Conception. It was topped with the statue of Virgin Mary.

Trevi Fountain
The Trevi Fountain or Fontana di Trevi is the famous and the most beautiful fountain in Rome. This fountain is very crowded as this became a very touristic spot in Rome. The water at the bottom of the fountain represents the sea. When in Rome be sure not to miss visiting Trevi Fountain and it won't be complete without the ritualistic act of throwing a coin into the vivid blue water.

Throwing a coin into the water by tossing your right hand over your left shoulder with your back to the fountain, doing this is to ensure your return to Rome.

As our guide told us to prepare three coins, denomination and currency does not vary, what important is  we have three coins. As the legend says, when tossing your first coin means you will return to Rome, second coin means you will find your love and the last coin is your own personal wish. Try it beside you have nothing to lose!

Trevi Cafe
Along side of Trevi Fountain are cafes, restaurants and shops. Our tour guide Camilla recommended the best Gelato in this area which lies at Trevi Cafe. They had wide selection of flavored gelato to choose from and this cost 2.50euro for each small cup or cone. I got the pistachio gelato and it was incredibly delicious.

The Pantheon stands as a reminder of the great Roman empire. This magnificent Pantheon has a thick brick walls and large marble columns. The Pantheon contains the tombs of the famous artist Raphael and several Italian Kings.

Piazza della Rotonda
The Pantheon borders the Piazza della Rotonda. This city square or piazza is situated in the historical center of Rome. In the center of the piazza is a fountain, The Fontana del Pantheon and the obelisk. This piazza became a popular hangout for tourist and most tourist snapping photos here (i'm one of those). Cafes and restaurant are lining in the square and in here you can seek romance in Rome. Musician and people dancing are scattered in this square. You might want to be one of them!

Piazza Navona
Piazza Navona one of the famous and the most beautiful of many square's in Rome. The Piazza Navona is situated in the historic center of Rome just close the Pantheon. It is one of Rome's liveliest squares with many outdoors cafes, restaurant and night clubs. Musicians, street vendors and painters are scattered in this square as their form of business especially for tourist.
At Navona Square is the baroque church of Sant'Agnese in Agone which was designed by Bernini's. The main attraction in Piazza Navona is the three fountain. The central and the largest fountain in this piazza is the Fountain of the Four Rivers. This fountatain features four figures, each represent a river from different continent (Nile, Gangesm Danubem Rio della Plata). The statues are the base of a rock supporting an obelisk. The other two fountain on this piazza are Neptune Fountain and Moor Fountain.
Vendors surround the piazza struck our eyes to this yummy hot roasted chestnut. Cost 5euro for 10 pieces, quite expensive but it's a perfect snack for a cold day in Rome while walking. Take note everything in Europe is expensive and everything has it's price :)

Our Meal
Spending the day with this long walking tour around the city of Rome. It's worth a walk seeing those magnificent and beautiful historical center in Rome. Now it's time to feed our tummy in one of the Chinese Restaurant in Rome. Serving meals in a Chinese Restaurant  in Rome or else where in the world is mostly fast and everything is being put in the table not unlike eating in an Italian Restaurant. Gladly, there's a free service water here.

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