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Friday, May 4, 2012

When I'm in Rome #1

When I'm in Rome

The Eternal City

Rome, the capital of Italy. The country's largest and most populated city. Our tour guide brought us to some touristic spot in Rome and passed by to some historical landmark.
From upper left: Castel Sant' Angelo, Piazza Venezia
From lower left: Piazza di Spagna, Victor Emmanuel Monument

The Colosseum is the most impressive building of the Roman Empire and originally known as the Flavian Amphitheater. The Colosseum turn into ruins now a days and became one of the tourist spot due to its beautiful sights and structure.
The Colosseum used to be a displayed of exotic animals and ended with fights to death between animals and the gladiators, such as slaves, criminals and prisoners. This was being used by the Emperors to entertain a free games to the public and this would increased the emperor's popularity, for this games symbolizes prestige and power.

Arch of Constantine
Next to the Colosseum is the Arch of Constantine, one of the remaining imperial arch in Rome. A well preserved historical structure that stands 21 meter high. 

My First Meal
After a few strolls  it's time to have dinner in Italian way at the Historical Restaurant of Rome known as "Al Giardino del Gatto e la Volpe". The restaurant is just behind the Vatican Museums. They have prepared us a typical dishes in Italian tradition. From bread, to yummy pizza, to the softness of the chicken and the crispiness of the french fries, this restaurant really satisfied my gastronomic demands plus a yummy gelato for desserts.
Bread is given, First Plate: Pizza, Second Plate: Chicken with french fries, Dessert: Gelato 
How could I forget the drinks, well since I belong in a tour group we were in full board expect for drinks on some restaurant, were we have to pay at our own cost. Water, soda and juices are superb expensive. Restaurant rate for drinks would start at around 3euro and above. Well, want can I do since this restaurant does not serve service water at all, no choice but to savor this expensive euro water and soda up to the last drop.

Eating the Italian way
Italian main meal is traditionally multi-course. Restaurants like to serve first plate then the second plate and they don't allow putting everything on the table. Keep in mind that Italian meal portion sizes are smaller compared to American portion sizes. Bread is always serve in the table, it's complimentary, expect the bread a bit hard and not freshly hot sometimes. Italian mixture is served by a choice of pasta/pizza/rice followed by a choice of meat/fish/chicken with vegetable and followed by desserts, choice of gelato/fruits.

When eating in a group and if you happen to finished your first plate you have to wait for your other companion to finish and that's the time the waiter would get all of your plates and serve your second plates and same thing in serving for the desserts. I may say it's a step by step eating process :)

Where we stayed?
After having a sumptous local Italian dinner it's time to head down for a rest.  Stayed at Sheraton Golf Parco de Medici Hotel, a 4 star accommodation located in the commercial area of the capital city and can be easily reached the airport and historic city centre.
Since we stayed in an historic city, the hotel room is simple and quite old for my eyes but it's clean, classy  and  comfortable with a touch of modern atmosphere.

Sheraton Golf Parco de' Medici Hotel
Viale Salvatore Rebecchini, 39 00148 Rome, Italy

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