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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vatican City State

Vatican City

Museum… Basilica… Square…

Vatican City is the world’s smallest country. Serves as the spiritual center of millions of Roman Catholics worldwide. Vatican City referred to as a City State and often called “The Holy See”, the world's smallest state enclosed in the City of Rome, Italy. The population is surrounds St. Peter’s Basilica and this are mostly priest, nuns, guards, dignitaries and of course The Pope.
Vatican City is a very amazing place that tourist should not miss visiting it. We started our tour at the Tourist Office, according to our Italian Tour Guide “Camilla” this is a good place to start. Get ready for bag scanning and body checking when entering the Vatican for security purposes. After some security checking, you can find the ticket booth. Here you can purchase group tickets, maps and books for self guided.
At first our tour guide Camilla explain to ask about the Sistine Chapel being the most crowded and most highlight part in the museums. She explained the photos in the board, photos of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and the Last Judgement of Michelangelo before we started our tour at the Vatican Museum.

Vatican Museums

A complex of the world’s most magnificent museums featuring the finest collections of art in the planet. A tour at the Vatican Museum is a must for any visitor. Vatican City is the home of the most impressive art collection and some of the most famous works of arts being displayed at the wall and ceiling painting at the Sistine Chapel, Stanze of Raphael and other part of the Museum.
Ceiling Fresco of Sistine Chapel and Last Judgement
One of the highlights in the Vatican Museums is the famous Sistine Chapel, the magnificent and remarkable ceiling of Michelangelo and other wonderful woks of art. Taking photos at Sistine Chapel is strictly prohibited.

St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica is the crowning glory of Vatican City, the largest church and the most important church in the world. With the magnificent of several altars, monuments and sculptor inside the church I find the basilica so amazing.
The basilica’s dome is the world’s largest, the altar was decorated by many famous artists. Some of the most important works in the church are the Pieta by Michelangelo, the papal altar by Bernini, the Throne of St. Peter by Bernini and the monument to the Stuarts by Canova.

There's a strict dress code to get into St. Peter's Basilica basically no shorts or bare shoulders.

The Swiss Guards

Near the entrance of the Basilica is the famous Swiss guards. They have been the guards of the Vatican and the pope. The army must be Swiss Catholic and they must take the oath of loyalty to the pope.

St. Peter’s Square

The St. peter’s Square locally known as Piazza San Pieta which lies outside the basilica, is surrounded by two huge colonnades, on top of it, which stand 140 saints. In the center of the square is the Egyptian Obelisk. Fountains are situated on the either side of the obelisk.
Thousand of guest gathered in this square to hear blessing or participate mass from the pope especially during religious holidays such Christmas and Easter.
Post office and a drinking fountains are located in the square.
Note: Getting into this touristic museums can be hours long especially during peak season, the best way of avoiding the long lines is to buy tickets ahead of time or do some advance planning. Since I belong to a tour group, it was already arranged by the traveling tours with a tour guide. Without a tour guide, Vatican museum is quiet confusing but you should find your way to St. Peter's for your next tour in Vatican. 

If you happen to experience hard process from long lines and implemented rules, It is still worth a visit to Vatican. Visiting the Vatican is a memorable experience,  you too can make your Vatican experience a memorable one as I do.

For more photos of The Vatican City CLICK HERE

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