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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Unbelievable Pisa

Unbelievable Pisa

Square of Miracles

Pisa is a city in Tuscany, Central Italy. Pisa is known for it's leaning tower, the bell tower of the city's cathedral or simply the Tower of Pisa.

Arriving at Pisa we have to leave our tour coach at the parking area and take the bus tram at it's station to depart going to the Square of Miracles or Piazza die Miracoli.

The main attraction in the city of Pisa, Italy is the Square of Miracles or Piazza dei Miracoli, with the remarkable Leaning Tower or the Bell, the Pisa Cathedral or Duomo di Pisa, the Monumental Cemetery and the Pisa Baptistery.
Upon arriving at the bus tram station we have to walk for a couple minutes to reach the piazza. The piazza is jam packed with tourist and souvenirs stands. Unbelievable the tower truly leans.
The Cathedral
The Cathedral has a romanesque architectural style with numerous work of art. The first work undertaken in the spot that became later the "Piazza die Miracoli". Entitled to St. Mary of the Assumption. It's facade has grey marble and white stone.

The Baptistery
Located in front of the Cathedral Facade. It was the second monument to rise in the square. The Baptistery has a circular base, it has four gates, the principal of which opens towards the facade of the Cathedral. The Baptistery is dedicated to St. John the Baptist, it is the largest baptistery in Italy.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa
The Leaning Tower of Pisa is famous because it leans. The Last of the three major building on the piazza to be built. It was designed to be perfectly vertical but it started to lean during construction. This building is one of the most remarkable architectural structures.

Tower of Pisa is designed as a circular to a bell tower or campanile. It stands 185 feet high and has eight stories. It is constructed of white marble. The leaning Tower of Pisa begun to lean due to soft ground and the time it’s builders got to the third story.

The top of the Leaning Tower can be reached by mounting the 294 steps which rise in the form of a spiral on the inner side of the tower walls.

A popular tourist activity is to pose for photographs, an illusion creating a pose of holding or reaching the leaning tower and preventing it from falling.
The Monumental Cemetery
The Filed of Miralces in Pisa is one of Italy's and Europe's most beautiful places. Next to the dome there lies the cathedral's museum, and the monumental cemetery (Camposanto Monumentale).

Campo Santo also known as Monumental Cemetery or old cemetery. It is a walled cemetery which many claim to be the most beautiful cemetery in the world. campo Santo is literally translated as "Holy Field" for it is said to have been build around a shipload of sacred soil.

This was the fourth and the last building to be raised in the Cathedral Square and this cemetery has three chapels.

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No trip to Pisa, Italy would be complete without a stop at this famous tower at the Square of Miracles.

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