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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beautiful Florence #1

Beautiful Florence

Firenze, Italia

Florence is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany and the province of Florence. The most populous city in Tuscany. The city's economy and its writers, painters, architects and philosophers all made Florence a model of Renaissance culture.

Florence is famous for its history, it is known as the cradle of the Renaissance for it's monuments, churches and buildings. Talented artists left their mark with magnificent buildings and artwork. The best known site of Florence is the impressive landmarks such as the Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio

Where we stayed?
Our group check-in at the Grand Hotel Mediterraneo, the hotel is located and can easily reach the historical city centre in few minutes walk.
Hotel Lobby and Ground
Before heading to our respective room, we had dinner at the hotel restaurant. Buffet dinner at Arno Restaurant which is just located on the ground floor of the main hall of the hotel. A mixture or Italian and International dishes.

Our Room
Now its time to have a good night sleep and prepare another day to tour around Florence. Our classic room is comfortable and a spacious modern room. It has amenities such as safety box, satellite TV, minibar and wi-fi connection (charges apply, too sad).

Started the day having breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Typical breakfast dishes such as bread, bacon, egg, cheese and much more.

Walking tour through the street and alleyways of Renaissance Florence
Florence is famous for its art masterpiece, museums and  monuments and its beautiful setting along the Arno River. A guided walking tour is a convenient way in a narrow street of Florence to get  the overview of the city's history and the insights that have influenced Florence culture and life.

Now the time has come to explore and appreciate the City of Florence on a walking tour with our tour guide Florencia.
Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge)
The Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge in Florence (Old Bridge). It is a medieval bridge spanning the river Arno in Florence. It is one of the few remaining bridges with houses built upon. The bridge is full of tourists, musicians, portraitists and other entertainers which create a vibrant atmosphere.
The houses on the bridges were used as workshops and shopkeepers such as butcher but decided to replace with goldsmiths  due to some shops produced too much garbage. Now the houses are used as shops selling modern jewelry to pricey antiques.

Grand Hotel Mediterraneo
Lungarno del Tempio,44
50121 Florence, Italy

to be continued...

For More Florence Photos CLICK HERE

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