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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bearland Paradise Resort

Bearland Paradise Resort

The Last Fling of the Summer

Summer 2012 in the Philippines is getting closer to an end. Before the rainy season and the school begins, our one last fling to get loose, to have fun and to end our summer in Paradise. Enjoying the scenery, the pool, the beach and of course the heat, don't forget your sunblock. Join me and let's Experience Bearland Paradise Resort!
Bearland Paradise Resort is just 20 to 30 minutes drive from the city of Iloilo. It is located at Barangay Tanpeal Tigbauan. It is a private tropical hideaway for enjoyment and relaxation. Let's check it out!
Upon arriving on the vicinity road of the Bearland Resort proceed to the RS2 building, in here you have to pay for your entrance, use of pool and cottages or sun loungers, or just for sightseeing. 

Entrance Fee - Php 150 /pax
Children Entrance Fee - Php 150/pax (swimming included to ages 2 to 12 years old)
Swimming Fee - Php 150/pax  (13 years old and above)
Children below 2 years old - Free
Outside food are allowed in the resort and I think you should bring your own food especially if you plan to have lunch at the resort itself. The resort only offered short order menu, very limited dishes. Bringing of drinks like sodas, wine, liquors are not allowed and this is widely available at the resorts. Soda in can and beer in can price range php50.

Sun Loungers with umbrellas are available for rent that surrounds the resorts near the infinity pool and the kiddie pool. Price ranges from Php300 to Php600 with different capacity.

Bamboo and Wooden Cottages is also available. Located on the beach side. Price ranges at Php1000 to Php2000 (a bit pricey.. nah... its pricey).
The Gateway to the Paradise Resort!
Kiddie Pool Area
The Kiddie Pool is best for kids as well for adults to keep company with the kids. It has a mini slide and cute fountain at the center which has a daily schedule of operation. 
Infinity Pool Area
The Infinity Pool overlooking the sea and adjacent to the resort's Sunken Bar. You can order drinks while you swim on the pool. Beside the Infinity Pool is the Jacuzzi, here you can relax and rejuvenate. Jacuzzi has daily schedule of operation. You can also relax and do some sunbathing on the sunbathing chair. They also have sun loungers available on the upper part and get a great view of the resort.
We got two sun loungers for us with umbrellas for Php300 each with capacity of 4 chairs each on the infinity pool area. 
(That's supposed to be a free amenities for a resort, right!? except for cottages, what do you think? beside we already paid an entrance fee, how I wish!)

Beach Area 
Beach area is clean and ideal for beach activities, swimming, picnic and barbecue party. Cottages is available for rent for huge number of people.

I was really enjoying taking pictures in different angle, the place is absolutely picture perfect. Simply photogenic paradise.

My personal point of view: The resort is not as spacious. In the later afternoon the resort gets crowded. They have common showers for men and woman outside the restroom, hope they have showers on the restroom for more convenient and private. They had limited changing room and toilet. The only attraction from this resort is simply just the pool and the beach. You might get bored easily if your not into swimming or swimming is not your thing. Its a bit pricey here, I think almost everything. You better check out yourself for the bedroom price for overnight stay too, it's heavenly pricey and I don't think I need  to stay overnight here, not practical i guess besides the resort is very near to the city. To top it all the resort is definitely beautiful, ideal place for pictorial!

For more Bearland Paradise Resort Photos CLICK HERE

How was your Bearland Experience? I'd love to hear your comment!

Bearland Paradise Resort
Barangay Tanpeal,
Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines
3339748 * 63 917 469 8512 * 63 918 629 7840


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