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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Malinta Tunnel


Corregidor Island

The Entrance
The day tour continues...

Corregidor Island Tour offers some optional activities but most activities are ideal for those are going to stay overnight in the Island. For day tour, lights and sound show at Malinta Tunnel is the only optional activity that is given by the tour guide for Php150 each person payable at your tour guide, if you want to try other optional activities make sure be on time before the ferry depart back to Manila. If you can't take the ferry back to Manila, well too bad you need to stay in the Island and wait the next day. But I doubt you won't give up the tram tour in the island in exchange for other activities.

A must see light show and a walk through the tunnel especially if it's your first time or you can stay at the tram and wait for your tram group to finish the 30 minutes show.
The walk through the tunnels offers an interesting historical sounds and light show of the old Corregidor. This tunnel was originally designed for house, food, supplies storage and an underground hospital with a 1,000 bed capacity, 100 beds for each lateral. This tunnel was made to be a bomb proof headquarters for the embattled Filipino and Americans defender of Corregidor during World War II.
A visual presentation is being presented in a monitor for more understanding of the old Corregidor during the battle.
At the end part of this light show a Philippine Flag is being displayed and the Philippine Anthem is being sung. Truly a heart warming experience.

"Begun in 1922 and substantially completed in 1932. The Tunnel Complex consisted of east-west passage measuring 836 FT. long by 24 FT. wide 13 laterals on its north side and 11 laterals on the south side. Reinforce with concrete walls. Floor and overhead arches with blowers to furnish fresh air and a double track electric car line along the main tunnel, Malinta provided bombproof shelter for the 1,000 bed hospital Macarthur's Usaffe headquarters. Shops and vast labyrinth storehouse during the siege of Corregidor.

Before the west entrance of Malinta Tunnel on the afternoon of 30 December 1941, manuel L. Quezon and Sergio OsmeƱa were inaugurated into their second term as president and vice president of the Philippines commonwealth in simple ceremonies attended by members of the Corregidor Garrison"

- Corregidor Foundation Inc.

Optional Activities:
Lights and Sound Show at Malinta Tunnel - Php150/person
The Rocket (Zipline) - Php150/person
Outdoor Activities - Sunset viewing, Night Lateral, Sunrise Viewing, Easy Hiking - Php250/person
Kayaking - Php500 per hr.
ATVs (All-terrain vehicle) - 500.00/hr.

Incredibly fantastic isn't it?

Malinta Tunnel
Corregidor, Philippines

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