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Friday, April 27, 2012

The Beginning of my Journey

The Beginning of my Journey

Departure... Arrival...

Depart from Terminal 1 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, Philippines took us 8 hours flight to arrive at Dubia International Airport for our stop over via Emirates Airlines. Waited 4 hours at Dubia International Airport before headed for our flights to Rome, Italy.
Departed from Terminal 3 of Dubia International Airport and took us another 6 hours flight via Emirates Airline to arrived at Rome, Fiumicino Airport, Italy.
Rome Fiumucino Airport, our group getting their own baggage

 The Airline

Emirates Airlines is an airline based at Dubia, United Arab Emirates from its exclusive hub in Terminal 3.
Emirates Airline provide an inflight entertainment system known as “ICE” a touchscreen remote for movies, TV shows, games, music, news and more in just a touch of my fingertips. You won't get easily bored on board, I was entertained with the available movies, they even had a Tagalog Movie. I had watched several movies but haven't finish some for I got to fall asleep and turns out the Tv was the one watching me over LOL. Pretty cool hah!

While relaxing during flight,  I can still use my mobile phone for texting and calling while on board (International Fees applies). The airline also offers an on board internet connection, of course fee applies... I hope its was free but na-ahhh....
Emirate Flight Attendant gave passengers menu for the designated flight whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner and even snacks before it is being served for references of the passengers and the airline offers a wide range of complimentary beverages and wine inflight to choose from. Isn't that awesome? Well, all International Airline does, It's a matter in the differences of services, comfortability and experiences.

Thumbs-up for Emirates Airline.

Upon arriving at  Rome, Fiumicino Airport, Italy. We were fetch by our gigantic tour bus. Clean, comfy and nice one! Love it! together with are Italian driver "Batiliano, who drove us smoothly and safely in every destination. His really a good driver!
Here's a glimpse of  EURO Currencies which most countries included in Schengen Area in Europe used.
Read and discover thing as I share to you in my blog site about my European Tour. From time to time I will be posting article related to my journey. Hope you can spare a few moments of your time reading on it by simply following me on google connect friend, you may bookmark this page/website, you can also follow simple me by liking on its facebook page or by email subscription.

Discover the beautiful arts and architectural stucture of the five cities in Italy thet we've visited (Rome, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Milan)  and the Holy See, Vatican.

That's not all, read and discover about the stunning Swiss alps, Amsterdam red light district, black forest in Germany, about Belgium, the city of lights in Paris, yummy food and so much more.

Join me in a guided group tour!

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