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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Value of Suffering, Part I

The Value of Suffering
When God permits suffering it is for our betterment.

An ounce of crosses is worth more than a thousand pounds of prayer, a day of crucifixion is more valuable than one hundred years of all other holy exercises. It is of more value to stay one moment on the cross than to enjoy all the delights of paradise.
-Venerable Sr. M. Victoria Angelini
When Blessed Angela of Foligno was asked how she could accept and suffer so happily all the trials that befell her, she replied: "Believe me when I say that the value and greatness of suffering is not known. If we understood it well, we would try our inmost to steal from one another the occasions of suffering."
A "thanks be to God," a "blessed be God, said in times of adversity have more value than a thousand "thank you's" in times of prosperity.
-Father M. de Avila
While ill and suffering severely, St. Francis was told by one of his religious that he should ask God for some relief. But the saint reprimanded him and, bowing his head, said: "O God, I thank you for this trial which I am undergoing and I beg You, if it pleases You, to increase my pains. What could and should be more pleasing to me that that You afflict me, when this is what I desire above everything else?"
In oredr to get to heaven, we must suffer. Our Lord shows us the way in the person of Simon the Cyrenian; He calls His friends to carry His cross after Him.
-St. John Vianney
If God were to granou the gift of raising the dead, He would be giving you much less than when He permits you to suffer. In fact, with the gift of miracles He makes you His debtor, but with sufferings He makes Himself you debtor. And if your sufferings should not be rewarded in any other way but to be able to suffer a little for that God Who loves you, would not this be a sufficiently great recompense in itself? He who loves understands what I mean.
-St. John Chrysostom
To have everything go along smoothly, according to one's desires and without having anything to suffer for the love of God should be considered a great misfortune not only for individuals, but also for the Congregations as a whole. Yes, you may be certain that a person or Congregation that does not suffer and is praised by the whole world is heading for a fall!
-St. Vincent de Paul
Padre Pio of Petrelcina wrote to a spiritual daughter: "Suffering is my daily bread, my delight. I suffer when I do not suffer if there is some instant in my life without suffering. Crosses are the jewels of the Spouse and I am jealous of them. Woe to whoever puts himself between me and the cross!"
Bodily and spiritual affliction are the surest sign of Divine predilection. Gratitude for suffering is a precious jewel for our heavenly crown... Man should always firmly believe that God sends just that trial which is most beneficial for him.
-Saint Gertrude the Great
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