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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Skyline Queenstown Part II

Bob's Peak

"The Skyline building, Luge and Gondola are all located on a hill known locally  as Bob's Peak, although in reality this this hill has no official name and the actual Bob's Peak is located 5km to the west. Encompassing this area is the Ben Lomond Reserve, which is a 388 hectare area of land owned by the Queenstown Lakes District Council. One of the features if this reserve is the peak, Ben Lomond. Despite its height of almost 1750 metros it is quite easily accessible and for the over 100 years has been a popular climb for those wanting a magnificent view of the surrounding lakes and mountains.

Talk of constructing an access road to the top of this hill began in 1920's but it wasn't until 1961 that a steep, zigzag road of 15 hairpin bends was formed and a commercial operation started transporting visitors to this location.

In 1964, a small, wooden chalet was constructed on this site offering visitors light refreshments and meals... and a certificate to anyone who walked from the township to the top!

The original Gondola began operation in 1967 and was updated 20 years later to the current Dopplemayer lift. Today there is a huge variety of activities available in and around the Skyline Complex. These include a restaurant and bar, walking and mountain biking tracks, luge rides, bungy jumping and paragliding."
Hurtle down the winding downhill Skyline Luge, it's the fastest fun on wheels...

A touch of New Zealand's indigenous culture with the live Kiwi Haka Maori performance, an authentic and powerful cultural show.
Take in the challenge of AJ Hackett's Ledge Bungy or Swing or take off on a tandem parapet flight.

Shop at the Skyline Souvenir Shop, my sister bought me a beautiful Red Jacket with a New Zealand Kiwi logo patch on it.

Various walking tracks can be accessed around the skyline, good for photo opportunities and hike around the splendid scenery. We really took a chance to take more photos in a beautiful landscape background. Perfectness!!!

A gondola ride back downhill
Bought some photos they took us, for souvenir, busy choosing the good one
together with my sister and our tour guide who's helping us

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Skyline Queenstown
Brecon St, Queenstown
New Zealand

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