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Monday, February 27, 2012

Mirror Lake, Eglinton Valley, NZ

Another photo stop before reaching Milford Sound. A beautiful crystal clear reflection know as the Mirror Lakes.
The Eglinton Valley is a 30 minute drive north of Te Anau on the South Island of New Zealand that you'll pass on the way to Milford Sound. This valley is well known for 'The Avenue of the Disappearing Mountain' and its wonderful views.
Since the Eglinton Valley is a long narrow valley with clear natural boundaries, a wide variety of flora and fauna, and a road running up the middle, it is an ideal location to explore and see the stunning surrounds from one of the only road-accessible valleys in Fiordland.
A good place to stretch your legs during the drive to Milford Sound.
 Small lakes on the roadside provide outstanding reflective views of the Earl Mountains. Waterfowl and wetland plants can be seen against a backdrop of beech forest.
 Interpretation panels provide on local wildlife.

World Heritage Area
Mirror Lakes and the Eglinton valley are a part of Te Wahipounamu - south west New Zealand World Heritage Area. This is one of the worlds greatest wilderness areas. River system like these found in Fiordland are becoming increasingly rare on an international scale. Many New Zealand plant and animal species currently living here will not survive unless the environment is retained and managed.

How Were the Lakes Forms
Mirror Lakes are a feature created by the Eglinton River as it flowed through the valley. The river starts at the divide, 30km along the road to Milford Sound and flows down the valley to lake Te Anau. At some point in time the river shifted position and abandoned these deep pools. deposition partially filled the channels leaving isolated ponds called oxbow lakes. these lakes are particularly rich in biologival terms. they serve as habitat for many animals that rely uon water as part of their life cycle.

Mirror Lakes
These lakes are named for the crystal-clear reflection that occur when the wind ceased, usually early morning or late evening. The snow and rain-feb black creek fills and drains the lakes.

I took chances to take a lot of photos with this splendid view with my sister and our tour driver/guide.
Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre 
Lakefront Drive, Te Anau
New Zealand

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