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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


As requested by one of my reader. I'm featuring a recipe, which I have featured this food in my past blog article (Celebrating All Saints Day), one of the many Filipino native delicacies, so called Bitsu-Bitsu. 

Bitsu-Bitsu is a Filipino dessert made of rice flour and sugar.

Milled Glutinous Rice Flour 
(made from Glutinous rice / sticky rice, milled to turn into flour or grind grains into powder)
Mascobado Sugar / Golden Brown Sugar

Place rice flour in a bowl, add water and mix with your hands until dough is soft but not too sticky
Press the dough with your fingertips by rolling on a flat surface
until to form a rope.
Form into a twisted dough by forming a figure number eight
and seal both end.. Simple?!
In a pan, fry until evenly browned
Drain cooked dough on paper towel or plate
Set aside
In a pan, boil water and sugar until it reaches the soft boil stage

Add twisted dough on the pan and mix well so that all dough are coated with the mixture/syrup
You can add or sprinkle sugar according to your taste.
Serve Warm with your favorite coffee or tea!

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Villabong said... Simply Me[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This looks yummy, can 't wait to try this tomorrow. Thank you for posting this ... I am really looking for Ilonngo version thank you!!!

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