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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

AJ Hackett at Kawarau Bridge

The Kawarau Bridge Bungy is the home of the original 43 meter Bungy Jump. This is where Bungy founders started it all, the world's first bungy jump at the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand.

We visited AJ Hackett bungy site for my two travel buddies to try the bungy jump, not for me and not for my sister. I personally don't have the courage to do this kind of adventure. Watching people doing it felt so easy and make me think, but still a big NO for me. Not this time and maybe not in the future, we will see you'll never know what's gonna be in my mind in the future. Don't worry i'll let you know. :) My two travel buddies ended not to do the bungy jump for they are more afraid for there parents who's watching them.

In this bungy site you can take it solo or in tandem, then you can decide whether to bob above the water, touch it or be fully splashed.
A World First

November 1988, Queenstown, New Zealand... AJ hackett and Henry Van Asch open the world's first commercial bungy site on the historic Kawarau Bridge. Skeptics anticipate that bungy is a novelty that will never "catch on".

Over 500,000 people have experienced the personal challenge of bungy here, at the original bungy site, the Kawarau Bridge.

Queenstown is globally recognized as the home of bungy and AJ Hackett Bungy have continued to develop bungy technology and setting safety world standards. A company culture committed to safety management, product innovation and the individual experience of each jumper, has created an international phenomenon. AJ Hackett Bungy is credited with taking New Zealand adventure tourism to the world.

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Kawarau Bridge
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