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Sunday, November 20, 2011

PBB Unlimited Updates

PBB Unlimited Updates
November 19, 2011

Power Strangers Unliday Updates

Green Power Stranger “RJ Padilla” is out of PBB unliday due for some violations he committed.  One is letting the two housemate Lordwin and Unad took him picture unmasked and the other, he accidentally took off his mask while sleeping.

Red Power Strangers "Reg Pineda" became an Official Housemate for getting 8 Likes from his fellow housemate because of his patient and perseverance from his housemates initiation rights, he successfully did it.

3G’s Unlinight Updates

In order to make the 3G’s as an official housemate, guy’s from Unlinight Housemates has to choose 3 girls housemate in exchange for the stay of 3G’s. Guy’s housemates choose Wendy, Joya and Diane.

It was a hard decision on the guy’s part and for Slater to announce the 3 girls. The 3 girls were very emotional upon hearing their names.

It was also hard on the 3G’s part to know that only one of them will become an official housemate and that will be decided by the remaining unlinight girls housemate.

Were the 3 girls housemates out of PBB house?

Naaaahh, it’s one of Big Brother Surprises. Wendy, Joya and Diane are now in the new luxury house of Big Brother.  They were surprise, happy and excited about the new luxury house of Big Brother and they even had a delicious dinner prepared by Big Brother.

From Unliday to Unlinight

Jaz and Seichi turns out to join the new luxury house with Wendy, Joya and Diane  for PBB unlinight.  Jaz and Seichi looks like having a task connected with the 3 girls passing by the secret passage.

Let’s find out more from PBB Unlimited and tomorrow (November 20, 2011), First Nomination Night is happening at PBB Unlimited.


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