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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Feet Two

The Central Philippines University High School Batch 88, which my brother is part of it sold us a movie ticket for the movie Happy Feet Two for Php250 at SM Iloilo Cinema with a snack, a choice of donut or popcorn with soda as they host the movie event which happened yesterday (November 26, 2011).

Together with my two nephews who were excited to watch a movie again. This time my nephew Jonas didn’t fall asleep  (he fall asleep in the movie CARS 2) as he was enjoying the movie were penguin’s sings and dance, which make him do the moves.

An Antarctic Adventure, the tap dancing hero penguin Mumble (Elijah Wood) his wife Gloria aka Pink  (Alecia Moore) and Son Erik (Ava Acres) who is struggling to find his own talent together with his uncle Ramon (Robin Williams), flying penguin Sven and leader Lovelace.

Dangers happened that threaten the penguin nation and make’s everyone work and do the dance together to save.

Happy Feet Two explores the impact of humans on the environment and the wildlife that lives there. A penguins sinking into a black sea spilled oil and melting of the ice around the edges of the Antarctic which humans saved them. The music gives the character something that could entertain the viewers, it’s hard to resist in dancing that makes you want to try especially to the children. 

The Krill (shrimp like in the Antarctic waters) named Will and Bill (Brad Pitt and Matt Damon) shares a funny moments and spectacular visuals during the jellyfish encounter and the whale attack

The landscapes of the Antarctica is very beautiful and magnificent in this sequel, there is a heart warming moments from Erik asking help for his fellow penguins that can make you somehow cry. The movie certainly shares lots of laughs and can easily entertain kids with the penguin’s pop remix dance and songs.

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