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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bohol Trippin' with Family by Honeylette Cainday

Simply ME welcomes Guest Blogger Honeylette Cainday, as she share to us
 her Bohol trip with her family.

About LITTLE MISS HONEY A Blog Explores life's surprises, A Travel Adventure, A Food Discovery, A Movie or Book Review or just basic musings of a girl enjoying LIFE.
About HONEYLETTE CAINDAY the author, 31, Family Medicine Resident Physician. Freelance Writer. Woman's Right Advocate. Entreprenuer, Bookworm, Travel Enthusiast and a Blogger.

Here's two cute Australian Kaola Bear for you
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To Honeylette Cainday, M.D. , Little Miss Honey thank you for sharing your 
wonderful family adventure trip to us


My two great loves are my family and travelling! And last April, I got a double treat! Family +Travelling = Happy Me! Weee! The whole family planned a trip to Bohol. It is actually going to be my second time going there but my first with my family, and that gets me excited.

So the members of this travelling pack are:  my dad, my mom, my sister Jeanne, my brother  Ras, my bro’s wife Faith, my 7 year old nephew Ackie, my other bro, Tata, my aunt Edna and of course, moi .

My family and I planned a 2 days and 1 night trip to Bohol with a mission to have the fun summer adventure that we will all remember.

Here is our itinerary:

We took a ferry from Tubigon Seaport in Cebu rather than the Tagbilaran Seaport, which is the main port of Bohol and accommodate large commercial passengers. However, the Tubigon Seaport is cheaper than the Tagbilaran Seaport. We had so much fun in the ferry watching this horror-comedy Tagalog movie by Vhong Navarro and Angelica Panganiban. We were so noisy laughing hysterically.

When we arrived in Bohol, we weren’t able to contact any van that will tour us around for a day but we need not fret because there are a lot of vans waiting on the dock that would tour you around Bohol at rate that range from1,300 to 1,800.We got a good deal with one of the vans so off we went, hehe

First stop was Sagbayan Peak. There is an entrance fee of 20pesos per person. It is mountain resort and recreation center that would give you the 360 degree view of the picturesque landscape of Bohol including the Chocolate Hills. My nephew enjoyed playing their playground, hehe.
Next stop was the famous Chocolate Hills. It was quite an exercise going up to the stairs in this structure where you can see the beautiful chocolate hills. Of course, we did the cheesy jumping shots and pointing the tip of the chocolate hill shots,hehe.

We were famished from all the sightseeing we headed to Loboc River for well-deserved buffet meal on a floating restaurant… Yey!

Before alighting on one of the cruises, you have to pick which floating restaurant you want. It cost P300 per head and you can choose based on menus they provide for you. But I guess we chose poorly because the food on that cruise wasn’t amazing unlike the cruise in my last visit in Bohol. But I didn’t mind. I enjoyed the scenery on the Loboc River and the serenade of the cruise singer. But what I enjoyed the most is when we have a quick stopover in some parts of the River and locals will sing & dance for you and you can join them.  

After the lunch and the cruise around Loboc River, we headed to Baclayon Church to see religious artifacts and see the beautiful rustic church from inside but unfortunately it was close that day. We headed to the Blood Compact Monument and took lots of pictures. 
We wanted a little bit more of adventure so we went to Danao Adventure Park. We wanted to go on a zipline & cable car and experience that adrenaline rush. Zipline and cable car cost P350. When we were up there and the guys were already strapping us with the safety suit and giving instructions, I admit I was scared. I did the zipline alongside my sister, with us looking like supergirls on a harness. I was so scared when they push us forward but after a second, it went away. It was exhilarating! Thank God, I am not scared of heights, I enjoyed viewing the gorgeous nature of greens lansdcape, rocks and flowing river from below. It was amazing, I wanted o do it again. But we went back to the place where we started on a cable car. We were altogether on the cable car but it feels more dangerous than the zipline, really..
And of course, we have to see Tarsiers because we are in Bohol, hehe. They are surprisingly small, like an adorable rat, haha. We tried to feed them cricket and took lots of pictures. But make sure not to use a flash because their eyes are very sensitive. And you will get a good scolding from the caretakers,haha…

That is it for our day trip in Bohol, a wonderful fun day with my family. In the late afternoon we travelled to Panglao Island, stayed the night there and visited a Virgin island the next day. But that would be altogether a whole new blogpost already, hehe.. So for more of my travel adventures, food discoveries, a movie or book reviews or just basic musings, visit my blogsite

Thank you SIMPLYME for inviting me as a guest blogger in your site. ‘Til my next visit.  Cheers! 

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