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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Iloilo: Bistro Ocean City

Trying out the newly opened restaurant at Ayala Technohub in celebration of my brother in law birthday treat together with my sister's and nephew's.

Bistro Ocean City is the offshoot of  Iloilo's old time favorite Ocean City Restaurant located at General Luna. This time with added new location in the nightlife central of Iloilo City located at Boardwalk Avenue near Smallville Complex.

The restaurant interior is beautiful which my eyes loved it. Tables are bit small for a large group of orders like us, but still manageable with the good service they had offered us.

Bistro Ocean City offered a combination of oriental seafood, Chinese Cuisine and Filipino Dishes. Let me share some few dishes we had and what Bistro Ocean City has to offer.
 Glimpse on the Menu
Bird's Nest with Quail Egg Php175
( old time favorite, actually everyone's favorite)
Yang Chow Fried Rice Php160
Garlic Rice Php100
Grilled Backribs Php 250
(very tender and very delicious, Recommended!!!)
Potato Chips Php60 (simply love it's crispiness)
Mixed Vegetable with Oyster Sauce Php165
Callos Php150
Tanigue Php150
Buttered Chicken Php160 (oopps two more left)
Grilled Stuffed Squid Php160
Buffalo Wings Php150 (A bit spicy)
Lumpia Shanghai (Spring Roll) Php140
Shrimp Tempura Php195
Avocado Shake Php60, Bottomless Ice Tea Php60, Green Mango Shake Php60
A yummy complimentary dessert!

A fine dining restaurant in a newly constructed commercial business of Ayala Land in the nightlife central of Iloilo City.

Great location, beautiful interior, good service and excellent food. 

Bistro Ocean City
Ayala Land Techohub, Boardwalk Avennue
San Rafael, Mandurriao, Iloilo City

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Iloilo: Ayala Technohub

Ayala Technohub is the newest commercial business by Ayala Land. Leased spaces for coffee shops, bank, restaurant and others, located at Boardwalk Avenue just near Avenue Complex in Smallville.


Floyd’s Famous BBQ (Restaurant)


BPI Bank

Additional dining experience in one of the nightlife central in Iloilo City
Ayala Land Technohub Boardwalk Avenue
San Rafael, Mandurriao, Iloilo City

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Monday, November 28, 2011

PBB Second Set of Nominees


ABS-CBN Pinoy Big Brother
Second Set of Nominees / Second Nomination
November 28, 2011

PBB Unlimited Updates November 28, 2011

Heads of Household for the week (Safe from Nomination) Divine, Seichang, Deniesse and Carlo.

Big Brother revealed to all housemate about the two houses, two housemates from the unlinight “Team High Voltage” has to move to unliday “Team Wayuk” for a fair number of housemates in each houses.

The 4 heads of household from the unlinight choose four housemates to join them to be part of them as the candidate to move and join the “Team Wayuk” namely Jaz, Luz, Tol and Kigoy.

From the unliday “Team Wayuk” Jessica, Mark, Unad, Steph, and Lyn were the five housemates to interview the 8 housemates from Team High Voltage in blindfolded inorder for them to choose the two housemate to join Team Wayuk.

The 5 housemates from Team Wayuk choose Luz and Seichang to join their team as part of Unliday.

Jahziel Ruiz “Jaz” Manabat announced for a Voluntary Exit at PBB House.

As of today (November 29, 2011) Voting for Unliday Nominated Housemates is CLOSED
Due to Forced Eviction

December 1, 2011 PBB Unliday
Big Brother announced to the 4 housemates about Reg forced eviction due to violation based on the PBB RULEBOOK

(Red Power Stranger) Reginald Derek Pineda (Reg) - was given forced eviction by Big Brother for his consecutive violation

According to the PBB rulebook, New housemates are not allowed to report any news about the outside world.

     Reg entered the PBB house a week after PBB Unlimited started, he told some stories to his other housemate about what he watched and heard from other housemates. Aside from that violation, Reg encounter a consecutive Lapel violations.

     How will Reg accept this, once announced to him personally? Watch out for it !

Second Set of Nominees (Unliday) -CLOSED

Leonard “Unad” Hernandez (Batangas City)
Naprey “Nap” Almario (Davao City)
Reginald “Reg” Pineda (California)

Second Set of Nominees (Unlinight)

Anatoly “Tol” Chua (Surigao Del Sur)
Casey Anne “Casey” Austria (Legazpi City)
Wendy Tabusalla (Muntinlupa City)

Text voting is now open

To SAVE a housemate text BBS name of housemate
To EVICT a housemate txt BBE name of housemate
Unliday (Unad, Nap, Reg)
Unlinight (Tol, Casey, Wendy)

Send to 231 for smart and talk n text subscribers
Send to 2331 for globe, touch mobile and sun subscribers

To vote online
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Speck: See Thru Satin for MacBook Pro

Give your MacBook Pro a smooth, semi-translucent frosted finish with a grippy edge for your peace of mind. Allows you access to all your important plugs and drives while highlighting the unique look of your MacBook Pro (unibody/black keyboard.)

Silky-smooth soft-touch hard shell protection
Protects your MacBook Pro from scrapes and scratches               
Smooth yet grippy rubberized exterior texture
Fully vented for safe heat disbursement
Totally removable -- easy to put on and take off
Built-in rubberized feet keep your notebook stable and secure
Access to all ports, battery check button, Kensington lock, CD/DVD drive
Design lets you open/close your MacBook Pro all the way
Fits MacBook Pro (aluminum unibody/black keyboard)

Installing your SeeThru Satin case on your MacBook Pro is super simple and easy! First, gently dust off your MacBook Pro before putting on your new SeeThru Satin. Close your MacBook Pro and place the bottom shell on a table or hard surface. Press your MacBook gently down into the shell until it snaps into the small tabs. Next, take the top shell and press it evenly down onto the top of your MacBook, applying pressure to the corners until it snaps snugly into place. To remove, pull the small tabs away from your notebook. If you are experiencing any difficulty, simply slip a credit card in the slot between your case and MacBook and pop off the tabs. We recommend removing the case periodically to dust or clean your MacBook Pro.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Feet Two

The Central Philippines University High School Batch 88, which my brother is part of it sold us a movie ticket for the movie Happy Feet Two for Php250 at SM Iloilo Cinema with a snack, a choice of donut or popcorn with soda as they host the movie event which happened yesterday (November 26, 2011).

Together with my two nephews who were excited to watch a movie again. This time my nephew Jonas didn’t fall asleep  (he fall asleep in the movie CARS 2) as he was enjoying the movie were penguin’s sings and dance, which make him do the moves.

An Antarctic Adventure, the tap dancing hero penguin Mumble (Elijah Wood) his wife Gloria aka Pink  (Alecia Moore) and Son Erik (Ava Acres) who is struggling to find his own talent together with his uncle Ramon (Robin Williams), flying penguin Sven and leader Lovelace.

Dangers happened that threaten the penguin nation and make’s everyone work and do the dance together to save.

Happy Feet Two explores the impact of humans on the environment and the wildlife that lives there. A penguins sinking into a black sea spilled oil and melting of the ice around the edges of the Antarctic which humans saved them. The music gives the character something that could entertain the viewers, it’s hard to resist in dancing that makes you want to try especially to the children. 

The Krill (shrimp like in the Antarctic waters) named Will and Bill (Brad Pitt and Matt Damon) shares a funny moments and spectacular visuals during the jellyfish encounter and the whale attack

The landscapes of the Antarctica is very beautiful and magnificent in this sequel, there is a heart warming moments from Erik asking help for his fellow penguins that can make you somehow cry. The movie certainly shares lots of laughs and can easily entertain kids with the penguin’s pop remix dance and songs.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

PBB First Eviction Night

ABS-CBN Pinoy Big Brother
First Eviction Night
November 26, 2011 

Lordwin Claveria (Batangas City) of PBB unliday and Diane Maria Aquino (Quezon City) of PBB unlinight  were the first evicted housemates garnering  the lowest percentage of votes by 4.56% and -9.38% respectively.


Mark - 20.17% SAVED
Kim - 19.95% SAVED
Erica - 6.82% SAVED
Lordwin - 4.56% EVICTED


Slater - 28.95% SAVED
Kigoy - 7.93% SAVED
Tol - 6.39% SAVED
Diane - (9.38%) EVICTED

Check this out:
PBB Second Set of Nominees
PBB First Nomination Night (Unlinight)
PBB First Nomination Day (Unliday)

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Iloilo: Replacement of Dungon Bridge

Upon the enactment of Regulation Ordinance No. 2011-691, the Dungon Bridge located at EL 98 Street, Jaro, Iloilo City, has temporarily closed to vehicular traffic which  started last November 19, 2011 and this will be closed for approximately six (6) months.

Because of this closure, the following are the alternative routes for PUJs plying the Dungon Bridge, to wit:

ALEOSAN to Jaro Big Market
Route:  From ALEOSAN to Q. Abeto, left passing spur road when facing towards Jaro Plaza, left to Dungon A, right towards the whole stretch of Cuartero, Jaro, passing Fajardo Street & right to Lopez St. when facing towards Lapaz up, to the Jaro Big Market.

Jaro Big Market to ALEOSAN
Route: Make a right passing El 98 St. when facing towards Pavia, left to Cuartero St. when facing towards Leganes, left passing Fajardo St. up to Benigno Aquino Avenue and left to spur road when facing towards Pavia to Q. Abeto to its point of origin.

Northern Provincial PUJs, specifically Leganes via Highway
Route:  From Leganes passing the whole stretch of Mac Arthur Drive to Iloilo R-4 road right to Simeon Ledesma St. when facing towards City Proper, left passing Lopez Jaena St., right to El 98 St. passing Jaro Plaza, left when facing towards Mandurriao passing Jaro Cathedral, left passing Jaro Evangelical Church, right to Commission Civil Street, left to the whole stretch of Jalandoni St., right to Benigno Aquino Avenue when facing towards Mandurriao up to Taft North then U-turn facing City Proper towards Infante and vice versa.

Jaro Liko NFA 
Route: From Luna to E. Lopez St., left to Seminario St. when facing towards Mandurriao, left to Cuartero Street up to EL 98 Street left to Libertad St. when facing towards Leganes, right to Lopez Jaena St. when facing towards Lapaz, left to Washington St. passing Iloilo R-4 road and Mac Arthur Drive and vice versa. 
(Sources: Iloilo City Government FB)

Care for some fresh buko?!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

PBB Unlinight Housemates

PBB Unlinight Housemates

Joseph Emil S. Biggel (Biggel) - 19 years old from Marinduque
Divine Muego Maitland - Smith (Divine) - 20 years old from Cebu City
Jahziel Ruiz Manabat (Jaz) - 24 years old from Quezon City (Voluntary Exit)
Jan Slater Young (Slater) - 24 years old from Cebu City
Roy Marcelo Gamboa (Roy) - 29 years old from Pangasinan (Evicted)
Marnill S. Abarico (Kigoy) - 32 years old from Ormoc, Leyte (5th Evicted Housemate)
Anna Christine Conwi Patrimonio (Tin) - 20 years old from Cainta, Rizal
Wendy Tabusalla (Wendy) - 22 years old from Muntinlupa City
Casey Anne Austria (Casey) - 20 years old from Legazpi City (2nd Evicted Housemate)
Anatoly Chua (Tol) - 33 years old from Surigao Del Sur (5th Evicted Housemate)
Diane Marie Aquino (Diane) - 28 years old from Quezon City (1st Evicted Housemate)
Jerico Redrico (Jerico) - 24 years old from Pampanga (Evicted)
Johnny Linaban (Eting) - 27 years old from Cebu
Joya Genzola (Joya) - 24 years old from Silay City, Negros Occidental
Carlo Cabral Romero (Carlo) - 26 years old from Chicago, Illinois
Deniesse Palad Joaquin (Deniesse) - 21 years old from Quezon City
Seth Russell Cox (Seth) - 32 from California, USA (4th Evicted Housemate)

Seth half-filipino and half-american became Luz fake husband, as his task to pretend to his housemates. He did his task successfully and became an official housemate.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

PBB Unliday Housemates

PBB Unliday Housemate

Philip Joel Lape Evangelista (Paco) - 26 years old from general Santos City
Annielie Gerez Pamorada (Pamu) - 19 years old from Lipa, Batangas
Kim de Guzman (Kim)- 19 years old from Olongapo (Forced Evicted)
Kevin Andrew Fowler (Kevin) - 18 years old from California USA
Jessica Alviola Connelly (Jessica) - 19 years old from New South Wales, Australia
Lordwin  Claveria (Lordwin) - 23 years old from Batangas City (1st Evicted Housemate)
Robelyn Elimanco Bagiosa (Lyn) - 25 years old from Surigao Del Norte (Voluntary Exit)
Stephanie Flores Enage (Steph) - 23 years old from Baybay City, Leyte  (Evicted)
Leonard Panganiban  Hernandez (Unad) - 24 years old from Batangas City  (Evicted)
Mark Tajon Luz (Mark) - 23 years old from Quezon City (Forced Evicted)
Naprey Almario (Nap) - 23 years old from Davao City  (Evicted)
Erica Guiro  Arlante (Erica)  - 31 years old from Bacolod City (4th Evicted Housemate)
Reginald Derek Pineda (Reg) - 19 years old from QC  (Forced Evicted)
Seiichi Ushimi (Seichang) - 22 years old from Tokyo, Japan
Luzviminda Longabila McClinton (Luz) - 33 years old from Kalibo, Aklan (5th Evicted Housemate)
Ryan Janus Tomas (Ryan) - 19 years old from Colorado, USA  (Evicted)

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