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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Warrook Cattle Farm

Warrook Cattle Farm is a cattle and sheep farm. Experiencing a  real country living on a working farm, handle animals, see how a farming family lives, and enjoying a home-cooked lunch in the historic homestead. Being an “Aussie” farmer for a day.

Visiting Australia is like travelling in Paradise. Heading out of Melbourne for the day and experiencing Australian Farming lifestyle at Warrook Cattle Farm situated one hour from Melbourne.

Arriving at Warrook Cattle Farm receiving area is a souvenir shops, they sells different kind of Australian souvenir which I found so cute and didn't resist myself to buy. 

We savor their home cooked lunch. A choice of marinated chicken or smoked roast beef with fresh vegetable and two bottled of Australian Wine. (Red and White Wine)

After our lunch we went on the cattle station and tried feeding the baby farm animals.

A photo with our Mr. Friendly Guide and he demonstrate to us on how to milk the cow and he let us try to do it. He also let us savor the taste of the cow's milk, which tasted good.

After that, we ride on this mobile service to the center of the farm where sheep's are located.

The guide gave us some informative details about how they trained the sheep dog and watching the sheep dogs run through their paces as they muster the sheep. Sheep dogs are friendly and smart.
Sheep shearing demonstration out in the shed or barn. Shearing sheep is an arduous occupation involving a range of physically demanding tasks. The shearer first caught and tipped the sheep from the pen. As a natural reaction, the sheep struggled and tried to escape. The shearer exerted himself to drag the sheep into position. He secured the sheep tight in between his legs and started removing its fleece with electric shear.
Sheared sheep need protection from the elements. It takes up to six weeks for the fleece to regrow sufficiently to provide effective insulation. Sheared sheep also require more feed to maintain their body temperatures, especially during the winter.
After shearing, the wool is separated into four main categories: fleece (which makes up the vast bulk), broken, bellies, and locks. The quality of fleeces is determined by a technique known as wool classing.

Wool straight off a sheep, known as "greasy wool" or "wool in the grease", contains a high level of valuable lanolin, as well as dirt, dead skin, sweat residue, pesticide, and vegetable matter. Before the wool can be used for commercial purposes, it must be scoured, a process of cleaning the greasy wool. 
Scouring may be as simple as a bath in warm water, or as complicated as an industrial process using detergent and alkali, and specialized equipment. In commercial wool, vegetable matter is often removed by chemical carbonization. In less processed wools, vegetable matter may be removed by hand, and some of the lanolin left intact through use of gentler detergents. Lanolin removed from wool is widely used in cosmetic products such as hand creams.
Feeding the Wombat with Carrots

Tour Highlights
-Feeding  baby animals.
-Sheep shearing demonstration.
-Watching  working dogs round up sheep.
-Whip cracking.
-Cow milking demonstration.
-Fauna park.

Warrook Cattle Farm
4150-4170 South Gippsland Highway
Monomeith, 3984 Victoria, Australia

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