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Monday, October 17, 2011

May We Received These Gifts Everyday

May We Received These Gifts Everyday

Freedom and Honesty
To truly got to know ourself and what we want in life.

Joy and Wonder
The kind we got from loving someone more deeply than we ever dreamed possible and the happiness of sharing life with them.

Strength and Confidence
The kind that comes from those experiences that taught us that we can rely on ourself and we do have something to say about our destiny.

Courage and Energy
To pursue the adventure of exploring our own dreams either big or small.

Tolerance, Insight and Perspectives
To see other as they are and let them be, along with the gentle openness to learn from them and apply what we can to our own life, while still maintaining the values that is right for us.

Peace and Happiness
The kind that comes from knowing we are loved.

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