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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Iloilo: Steps of Rome, Pasta and Pizza for P99

Aldente Ristorante, Steps of Rome is an Italian Restaurant located at Plazuela de Iloilo. Steps of Rome has an ongoing promo every Monday and Tuesday for the month of October. Starts at around 11am to 2pm and 3pm to 7pm. It’s a plated buffet of pasta and pizza for only php 99, which I really find very affordable.

The last time I went to Plazuela Iloilo, I passed this Italian Restaurant "Steps of Rome" and saw this signage, "All you can eat Pasta and Pizza, NO LIMITs", it caught my attention and very eager to try it out even I’m not a lover of pasta and pizza that much. Looks like an amazing promo.

It was Tuesday and I remember about the All you can eat Pasta and Pizza at Steps of Rome, I ask my fellow sisters to tag along with me and grab a bite for lunch there.

Let's find out how affordable and worth it eating in a plated buffet of pasta and pizza for just php99.

Hmmm.... It makes sense....

As we arrived at Step of Rome, most seats are already taken. We waited for a few minutes to settle down for our seats. As we are all set, we were given this bunch of paper forms for us to fill-it up for our order. Each of us have to fill up this form and check one per category for our choice of pasta, pasta sauce and a choice of slice  pizza, then the waiter gets this form to take our order with our name on it.

We have notice that most people seated on their table had an empty plate and waiting for their next round of plated pizza and pasta. As we are waiting for our order we already fill up another form and gave it to the waiter upon the arrival of our order.

Here's our first round of orders for the five of us.

On our first round of orders it only took a few minutes to arrive. Their pasta and pizza are delicious but the servings of their pasta are very small and the same way with their pizza that look like a kiddy slice, which I’m pretty much sure kids could easily finished it

As we are done with this food, we follow up our second round of plated pizza and pasta. As we waited for our orders, we fill up another form for our third round and gave it to the waiter. Still our second round of order has not yet arrived.

It’s quite disappointing waiting for another round of food which took more than 30 minutes to arrive which losses are appetite. Sorry to say but service is terribly poor. This is the worst service I had encountered. We have to keep on bugging the waiter for our orders and to get our empty used plates in our table and even asking for a glass of water. You can't exactly enjoy the NO LIMITS, All you can eat pizza and pasta which the restaurant tagline for this P99 promo. Seems affordable but yet NOT WORTH it.

As we finished our second round of plated pizza and pasta, we didn’t wait for our third round. We paid and leave Steps of Rome very disappointed with a frown on our face.

Were supposed to have a sisterly bonding lunch and enjoying the food that they had offered but turns out we didn’t had a decent lunch for we didn’t enjoy the food and the so called "All you can eat pizza and pasta, NO LIMITS".

I hope they will improve their service. People get attracted on this low cost “All you can eat plated pizza and pasta, No Limits” intend to eat and deserves a good service. A few minutes of waiting of orders is not bad but waiting longer losses once appetite especially if you have started eating. Using a tag line NO LIMITS, make sure costumer gets satisfaction on what is being offered.

Here's a catch on other buffet at Step of Rome. This buffet is being set on a buffet table, which I personally asked the waiter about it. Hopefully this time we could easily enjoy this buffet lunch or dinner that is being set at Step of Rome once we tried it out (Fingers cross).


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