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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Korean Drama: City Hunter

Title: City Hunter
Genre: Romance
Episode: 20

Main Cast
Lee Min Ho as Lee Yoon Sung / John Lee
Park Min Young as Kim Na Na
Lee Joon Hyuk as Kim Young Joo

City Hunter’ is an original script based on the world-famous novel by Japan’s Tsukasa Hojo. Since it became public that Korea would be the first remake of this story into a drama, ‘City Hunter’ has been receiving worldwide attention. ‘City Hunter’ has switched the setting from Tokyo 1980 to Seoul 2011, and according to the original story structure, the protagonist becomes a city hunter and his character develops while resolving gratifying cases.

Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) works at the Blue House’s National Communication Network Team and received his Ph.D at M.I.T. Kim Na Na (Park Min Young), a former judo athlete who works as a bodyguard for the President’s residence, the Blue House. Kim Na Na will eventually be involved in a love triangle with Lee Yoon Sung and prosecutor Lee Joon Hyuk (Kim Young Joo). The drama also marks Goo Ha Ra’s acting debut and she will play the role of the President’s daughter, Choi Da Hye.

City Hunter Episode 1
City Hunter Episode 2
City Hunter Episode 3
City Hunter Episode 4
City Hunter Episode 5
City Hunter Episode 6
City Hunter Episode 7
City Hunter Episode 8
City Hunter Episode 9
City Hunter Episode 10
City Hunter Episode 11
City Hunter Episode 12
City Hunter Episode 13
City Hunter Episode 14
City Hunter Episode 15
City Hunter Episode 16
City Hunter Episode 17
City Hunter Episode 18
City Hunter Episode 19
City Hunter Episode 20 Complete


August 2, 2011
I just hate how this drama ends. I have lots of thoughts in my mind how I wish it ended this way but i still love how the story goes since Lee Min Ho was very cool with his acting here. I really like his acting and he really looks gppd. I wish the love story between Lee Yoon Sung (Min Ho) and Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) ends a better way like how it shows from the start of the drama and give a little emphasis on what happen between  the relationship of Lee Yoon Sung and his biological father (The President).

The ending of this drama gave me a lot of question marks ????, I hope you feel the same way I do. I'm really looking forward for a season 2 for this drama, I hope there is.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong is one of my personal favorite Korean actor /singer. Leader of SS501 group and now he became a solo artist for realeasing his new album "Break Down".

Seen him first on the korean reality show "We got married" with Hwangbo thru the internet, which I find him funny and cool and that started to idolize him and found out more about him being a singer and an artist.

Being him part of the Korean Drama "Boys over Flowers" that gave him a more impact and popularity in all over Asia and in other continent. After having a huge success in Boys over Flower despite of lack in his acting ability(singer turn actor), he was still loved and continously supported by his fans. Due to his popularity, his group band SS501 also gain more success and support in there albums and asian tour.

From Boys over Flowers, he was given another major role in a drama entitled "Playful Kiss" and a youtube specials for Playful Kiss which hit a huge success, having a lot of viewers watched all over the world.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baguio City: Summer Capital of the Philippines

City of Pines

The City of Baguio is a highly urbanized city in Northern Luzon in the Philippines. It has made its mark as a premiere tourist destination in the Northern part of the Philippines with its cool climate, foggy hills, panoramic views and flowers.

Baguio is known being the "Summer Capital of the Philippines" where thousand of visitors from Manila and other provinces took a break to the City of Baguio to cool off because of its cool temperature,  bringing jackets and sweater is a must when visiting Baguio. Baguio is also known as the City of Pines.

The City's main attraction is more of natural bounties of cool climate, panoramic views, its pine forest, strawberry, varieties of flowers and generally clean environment. Baguio City merges sightseeing, souvenir shopping, dining and recreational activities.

Baguio's Attraction:

Burnham Park is the very heart of Baguio City. A free park for enjoyment  and strolling. The park has man made lake with rowboats for hire, Children's playground, skating ring, Rose Garden, picnic grove, bicycle and pine trees.

The Mansion is the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines.  Located on the eastern part of the city, right across the Wright Park. The Mansion is older than the city itself and one of the most visited landmark of the City of Pines.

Mines View Park boasts a spectacular view of Benguet's and the Cordillera mountains.

Souvenirs Stall at Mines View Park
After a visit Mines View Park stop at Good Shepherd Convent where you can buy jam, brittle and other goodies. They also have a very nice view deck with mountains of the Cordillera range as a backdrop for photos.

Strawberry Farm located nearby La Trinidad,Benguet just 30 minutes from Baguio City. Activity for strawberry picking and they also sell strawberry jam. You can also find there some vendor selling strawberry taho (made of soft soya with strawberry syrup).

Baguio Cathedral, Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral. Church located on the top of a hill in the heart of the city. One of the country's most beautiful architectural structures and most magnificient building.

Lourdes Grotto is another Catholic Shrine and place of meditation in Baguio. It is located in the hill where you can find the image of the Lady of Lourdes. It is a favorite pilgrimage site during Holy Week.

Philippine Military Academy (PMA) officers training school of the Armed Forces of the Philippines located at Fort Gegorio del Pilar. Visitors are welcome to explore the grounds, view the cadets performance in drills and museum.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Korean Drama: Lie to Me

Title: Lie to Me
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episode: 16

Yoon Eun Hye as Gong Ah Jung
Kang Ji Hwan as Hyun Ki Joon
Sung Joon as Hyun Sang Hee
Jo Yoon Hee as Oh Yoon Joo
Hong Soo Hyun as Yoo So Ran
Ryu Seung Soo as Chun Jae Bum

Gong Ah Jung, a level 5 Ministry of Culture official, gets entangled in a web of lies when she mistakenly lies that she’s married to Hyun Ki Moon, an nobel hotel manager from an affluent family. Their relationship is further complicated when Ki Moon’s ex-fiancĂ©e and a close friend of his brother’s, Oh Yoon Joo, reappears in his life.

August 2, 2011
I just love this drama. It's funny and gives some good romantic factor that gives you excitement and looking forward for the next episode to watch. Eun Hye and Ji Kwan has a good chemistry, their character suite to them.  I just don't like the character of Sung Joon, he's like a robot here but not bad at all. 

I just don't like the ending here, everything wraps up. There's suppose to be more than that.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Japanese Drama: Koukousei Restaurant

Koukousei Restaurant (2011)

Muraki Shingo of Itamae, a top Ginza restaurant, becomes a substitute teacher at Aikawa High School in his hometown of Mie Prefecture at the request of his childhood friend, Kishino Hiroshi, a town hall employee. Kishino intends to open a “High School Restaurant” to revitalise the town, and has asked Shingo to teach cooking. There are about 30 people in the culinary club. Among them are Sakamoto Yosuke, a third-year student who is respected by the club’s members and whose family runs a restaurant that sells set menus, and Yonemoto Mai, second-year student who adores him.

Kokosei Restaurant Episode 8
Kokosei Restaurant Episode 9

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