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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

Let us give thanks to the Lord for the wonderful and blessed 2011. As we welcome the New Year 2012 with a bang, welcome the early sun of the new year with an open arms and full mental strength. Buckle up and welcome the New Year.

New Sunrise of Hope, Prosperity and Happiness
New Beginning of Thoughts, Words and Actions
New Day of Energy, Strength and Ideas
Bunch of Whole New Things, Prayers, Friends and Love

Let's ring in the new year with good things in mind.
Let's be more united and let God be with us throughout the NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year to all avid readers of Simply Me. 
Thank you for your continued support.

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Familia Jardeleza Christmas Party 2011

The Familia Timoteo and Francisca Jaradeleza Clan once again gather together to hold a Christmas Party in Celebration of the Christmas Season. Happened yesterday December 29, 2011 at Esca's Garden Restaurant newly Tent Function, a place to celebrate any occasions. 

As we celebrate this Christmas Party, we have invited our orphan sister from St. Dominic Home under the Dominican Sister of the Most Holy Rosary of the Philippines, to celebrate with us on this occasion. Our Orphan Sisters from St. Dominic Home  performed to us an ancient "daigon" (christmas carol songs)  in our native dialect which is Ilonggo and they also performed a Christmas dance number.

With this we passed around an empty basket to everyone in the family for them to put their donation, our little way to share to our fellow orphans homes and gave cash gifts to each one of them as our way of sharing something what we had.

The most awaited part of the party is food. Its Dinner time but before that a prayer lead by one of the nun of the Dominican Sister. Esca's Garden Restaurant prepared a sumptuous buffet dinner for us. Salad bar, Mongolian section, desserts and more. 
As the party continued, we prepared some few fun games for kids and adults as well. Games like Give me what I want which I personally enjoyed passing to my nephew what is being ask and obviously my nephew Shundy got a whole lot of prizes for that. We also did a game where the contestant is being blindfolded and have to find the chair and lastly we did a known game from a noon time show called "Pinoy Henyo" which you have to guess what is being written in your forehead. Winners got cash prizes and losers also got cash prizes of course lesser than the winners.

We also did the Christmas tradition of exchanging gifts.

The party doesn't end yet as Ms. Santa Claus let this little kids fall in line for their cash gifts and for the young's as well. Sorry adults and Senior Citizen Ms. Santa Claus does not have enough funding for you :) we are hoping to get more donors for that :)
This simple Christmas party ended successfully. It's good to see each and everyone, bonding. I hope we could continue this yearly activity and be gather once again.

I would like to thank my sister Timy and Joan, my brother-in-law Manny and Onyok in the U.S. for the donation I've asked used as cash prizes  and cash gifts. Also to Nang Dolores for the gifts prizes. To Nang Louie Family for the preparation and accomodation, to Rachael and to Nang Jocelyn.

Thank you everyone for the cooperation.

May the good Lord shower us more blessings...
Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year Kapamilya! Cheers!
Top: For Me, Pants: Renee Salud, Pumps: Melissa, Bag:LV
Necklace & Headband: Coloredstone

Esca's Garden Restaurant
Aurora Subdivision, Iloilo City 

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Delsey Multifunction Belt Bag

DELSEY DESIGN is a major innovative player and continues to anticipate and study changes in life-styles. Innovative, functional, colourful and attractive camera bags, backpacks, zoomsters, trolleys and pouches fulfil clients' needs for carrying their equipment comfortably and safely.

This multifunction belt bag is a well designed belt bag. You can put your mobile phone, credit cards, glasses or compact camera in this very handy small bag with multiple inside pockets. It can be worn at your waist within hand's reach or you can carry it like a pouch.

What I like about this belt bag you can slide it into your belt,if your not using any belt just carry it along, Used for unisex. It has two separate compartments and It has multiple inside storage space.

Ideal for travelling.

Delsey product are available at any branches of The Travel Club
SRP: Php1190

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sharing Blessings (St. Dominic Girls Home)

Dominican Sisters of the Most Holy Rosary of the Philippines is one of the many Religious Congregation. Its original name was Beaterio del Santisimo Rosario, carry over Spanish name. Later it was changed to the Congregation of the Most Holy Rosary, which its feast is being celebrated every October 7 and the whole month of October, known to be the Rosary month.

This Religious Congregation, Dominican Sister became close to our family and to are hearts, its because my Auntie Cecilia who happen to be my father's sister is a nun in this said congregation for more than 50 years in the service with the Lord.
My sister Dimple visited our Aunt at the Mother House before Christmas Day together with her husband and my two nephews. Giving a little gift to her and to some of her fellow nuns in this season of Christmas.

Here in Iloilo City there are retreat houses, dormitories, outreach clinic and an orphanage which the Congregation runs. Which invite young women to join the band in proclaiming Truth and saving souls by a life of prayer, community living and joyful service in the apostolate, one is education. In which the congregation administer several school in Western Visayas.

In this Christmas season, a yearly joyful service of my sister to the orphanage of St. Dominic. Visiting and giving gifts to them as her yearly pledge of sharing her blessing to the orphans.

The Orphans of St. Dominic perform a song number as a thank you gift  as well.

How wonderful to share something to our less fortunate sister at St. Dominic Girls Homes, adding a joyful smile to them this Christmas Season.

Many people find the holiday / Christmas season a time to share their blessings with those less fortunate. To help that effort, share your blessings to your chosen charity or congregation regardless of the season. A little amount or goods you share means a lot  and gives hope as well. Do your share, in your own little way!

"For the Glory of God"

Dominican Sisters Motherhouse
Avancena St. Molo Iloilo City 5000
Philippine (+63 33) 3379820 / 3380272

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vivienne Westwood Elevated Pumps by Melissa

AVA gives members direct access to the most sought-after apparel, bags, accessories, and footwear from local and foreign brands. AVA's team of style curators and tastemakers, all of whom are well-versed in fashion, handpick a diverse selection of keepers, winners, and forever pieces.

I got my first order from AVA, its Melissa Brand Shoes, Vivienne Westwood Elevated 3 Straps Pumps in Plum Brown which I really loved it. Got an amazing 50% off from its original price. Isn't that amazing to acquire big savings on the shoes you love.

Melissa is an iconic global footwear brand that traces its origins to Brazil. Melissa shoes have reinvented the much loved jelly, bringing style and comfort to a whole new level. 

Got my ordered Melissa shoes delivered at home for a couple of day shipped via LBC. Additional shipping of Php300 for Visayas. Comes with black AVA shopping bag, box and authenticity tag. I love the softness and the scent of the shoes, it really fits me so right. It pampers my feet...

I'm thrilled to send you an invitation to AVA, the Philippines' first invitation only shopping community exclusively for fashion.

So start shopping these exclusive brands like Longchamp, Aranaz, Rajo Laurel, Jeffrey Campbell, Melissa and other designer brands at members only prices up to 70% off retail.

Isn't that great to shop for a great discount. Try it and register now by clicking on this link REGISTER TO AVA

I thank my friend Carmi for introducing AVA to me , which I really couldn't resist to shop.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Celebrating Christmas Day 2011

Christmas Day is the celebration of the birth of our Jesus Christ. Together with my siblings and nephew we start the morning, hearing mass at Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral.

At church, exchange of greetings to the people we know. Most Catholic Churches has a doll like figure of infant Jesus at the entrance door of the church. Church goers fall in line to kiss the infant Jesus and drop small amount at the donation box. This has been a  tradition to most Catholic churches

After the celebration of the mass, we prepare lunch at home for all of our workers. Celebrating together with our workers family for lunch.

Greeting my parents (since there old, they are asleep during Christmas eve) and my uncle who is joining us for lunch and gave them some healthy goodies as our present.

All of our workers who are living and not living with us, together with there respective family gather together in our home for lunch in celebrating Christmas.

A reunion for all our workers, a time for them to get to know each other's family. Kids enjoy some sweet lollys that I prepared, which my two nephews help me distribute to all kids and for the spirit of Christmas we also gave them small gifts and baskets of grocery for them to bring it home.

To add a little fun and excitement to the kids, we did a piñata way, instead of using a piñata we throw down some money and candies to the kids which they had fun getting it as many as they can and fast as they can, even adults couldn't resist themselves from not joining the kids.

With this kind of celebration. Celebrating lunch with them and giving little gift to them is one way of making their Christmas a joyful one.
Our Cook aka Chef "Jocelyn", she's been working with us since my birth and Our Retired butcher
"Anto" who always visit us and join us every Christmas Day

"May we all show each other the Love and Patience
that we may not deserve this Christmas.
This is the true spirit of Christmas."

Let's make everyday a Christmas Day. 
Merry Christmas to ALL!

Check this out:

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Celebrating Christmas Eve 2011

Celebrating Christmas Eve at home with family and our workers. Together we gather to celebrate the incoming birth of Jesus Christ.
Its been a tradition to us  to hold a Christmas party with our workers living with us every year.  Its our little way of giving them something and to have fun with them, for this is their night. To start our Christmas party, a prayer lead by my father as the  head of the family, which he include in his prayer the people who suffered  from the calamity typhoon "Sendong" who couldn't celebrate their usual Christmas.

Dancing, singing, fun games, gift giving are few stuff we do during Christmas Eve. We played some known parlor games like trip to jerusalem, paper dance, sack race and others. Each group also perform a song and dance number which added more fun to our party. 

In the middle of our party in our garage, a incident happen outside our house, which two motorcycle bump to each other, due to driving with alcohol intake. Since its a Merry Christmas we help them and still their lucky they just got some bruises.

To continue with the party from  the  incident happened, its also been our tradition every year to do this Filipino games known as "Palayok" and "Pabitin" which they really enjoyed it. Winning some sweet goodies and money.

Everyone got their prices and gifts that we prepared. Everyone enjoyed and everyone is a winner.
To end our celebration, we do a traditional exchange gift for the spirit of Christmas.

Of course before going to bed we have to clean all our mess, have a good morning sleep then wake up to attend the mass and celebrate lunch together.

Merry Christmas!!!
I'm the Bartender... Care for some Boracay Rum or Margarita?

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